Best Foundations for Combination Skin | July 2014

Finding the perfect foundation for my combination skin is probably one of the hardest things to do. Oil-free  foundations tend to cling on to the drier spots on my cheeks and looks gross, while normal foundations make me end up looking like a disco ball.

I've tried many foundations over the years, but always go back to one of these four, depending on what finish I'm looking for on that particular day. 

I added direct links for all of these foundations if you're thinking of getting them. 
Left to Right: Lancome Teint Miracle, Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow, Revlon Colorstay Combination/Oily Foundation, Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation


YADAH Pure Green 3-Step Moisture Care

YADAH recently launched a new range of skincare products: Pure Green 3-Step Moisture Care. The Pure Green 3-Step Moisture Care consists of a toner, emulsion, and a moisturising cream. The Pure Green range will nourish the skin with nutrients from Royal Jelly - which helps skin regeneration and retains the moisture in your face - which in turn gives you moisturised, supple, plump skin. There are also a ton of antioxidants that will again, help to moisturise the skin to keep dry, flaky skin away.

♥ 4 Free: No Parabens, Mineral Oil, Sulphate Surfactant, Benzophenone.
♥ Hypoallergenic
♥ Gentle on Sensitive Skin
♥ Natural Ingredients

I used all these products every single day & night for almost a month.


OPI Coca-Cola Collection Swatches

Hi guys! Today I have swatches of the whole OPI Coca-Cola Collection to show you guys! I bought the 10 Pack of Style from OPI, which has all 9 minis of their Coca-Cola Collection and a mini top coat! I'm so excited for this post because I've always wanted to swatch an entire nail polish line for you guys but this is also my first time so I know some of the applications might be a bit sloppy, and I still need to figure out the best lighting, but bare with me! I'll try my best to improve.

OPI Coca Cola Red
OPI Coca Cola Red Swatches
Coca-Cola Red is inspired by Coca Cola (duh, hahaha!). It is a bright red creme. This is a very universally flattering red and would look good on many skintones. The formula was good - it wasn't streaky, and was opaque - I used 2 coats, and 1 coat of topcoat.


Brand Spotlight: Benefit Cosmetics

Hey guys! Today's post is another Brand Spotlight, this time on Benefit Cosmetics. Benefit is one of those brands that I have a ton of sample-sized products because they come out with so many sets. Unless I really love something, I usually don't get the full-sized.

If you guys don't know what my Brand Spotlight posts are about, they're basically a post showing my products from a particular brand and showing you my favourite products from that brand.

My Benefit collection is made out of mostly stuff from their 2013 Advent Calendar, haha.


Empties | June 2014

Hey guys! I have an empties post today! I love watching Empties videos on YouTube but I can never finish up products as quickly as they can. This post is probably two months worth of products, but it's also because I use something a lot, then get a new product, and I just completely stop using the first product. So a product has to be one I really love for me to use it all up, haha!

Empties June 2014 | Beauty Nerd By Night
There are no makeup products in this (except a sample foundation, does that count?), but a ton of skincare and body products. 

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