Tarte Pin Up Girl Amazonian Clay Blush Palette

Today's post is a review on the Tarte Pin Up Girl Amazonian Clay Blush Palette, which is one of my best finds this holiday season! I own one of the single Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush and it's one of my favourite blushes. In Sephora Malaysia, a piece (5.6g) costs RM120 , and this set comes with 5 blushes (5 x 4.5g = 22.5g) for only RM159. 

This set comes with five new and limited edition blush shades: Breathless, Embraced, Whimsy, Bashful, and Irreplaceable. Breathless is a light baby pink with no shimmer. Embraced is a berry shade with shimmer (perfect winter blush!), Whimsy is a light, cool-toned pink with no shimmer, Bashful is a light, peachy-orange with shimmer, and Irreplaceable is a medium neutral-pink with no shimmer.

I love that this palette is very versatile - you have your pinks, your berry shade, a peachy-orange and also a neutral blush, so it can match whatever look you have on. The quality of the blushes are phenomenal - they're super smooth, pigmented, and last all day. This is no surprise to me because like I said, these are one of my favourite blushes ever. My favourite shades from this palette would have to be Embraced, and Irreplaceable because I love my neutral/berry-toned blush.

The packaging of the palette.. I can't decide if I love it, or absolutely hate it. When the palette is closed, the packaging doesn't look good.. at all. I guess they were going for a golden shimmery pouch/purse kinda look, but the gold glitters turned out really bad. The look patchy, and makes the palette look dirty. However, once you open the palette, it's absolutely gorgeous! But, to open it, you need to push on the gold "button" to unclasp and lift the palette. The clasp feels tacky, and doesn't work all that well (or now that I think about it, maybe I got a bad one?). The palette that houses the blush pans is a dark royal purple colour, encased with a beautiful gold rim, There is an actual mirror too (not the small ones that are pointless in certain palettes), you actually get a huge mirror.

This blush, to me, is a huge bargain! I love the shades and the formula of the blushes. Because I love them so much, I am going to look past the packaging and say I'm in love with the whole palette all-in-all, and definitely my favourite holiday purchase so far!

Did you get this palette? What's your favourite holiday purchase so far?

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Cetaphil Sensitive Skin Gentle Cleanser

Hi guys! It's finals week again, and there will no new posts after this one for the whole week next week. They will return to normal after next week :)

Today's post is on my favourite cleanser of the moment. I was sent a tiny sample (2 weeks worth of product) of the Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser to try out, and I loved it so much I went out and bought two 125ml bottles. I got a great deal at Guardian's which was RM33 for two bottles. The normal price for these are a lot higher, but they're having a sampling program for all my Malaysian and Singaporean readers, where they'll send you a free sample, so you can try it out before spending the money on it.

Get your free sample here (Singapore): http://goo.gl/pDnQbs
(Malaysia): http://goo.gl/b7hmP7

You can purchase Cetaphil at all major drugstores/pharmacies. In Malaysia, I found mine at Guardian, and I've also seen it at Watsons and Caring Pharmacy.

There are 3 varieties of cleansers by Cetaphil - the Gentle Skin Cleanser (this one), Oily Skin Cleanser, and the Cleansing Bar. So what's cool about this Gentle Skin Cleanser is that it can be used on your face and also your body as a body cleanser. This product is also soap-free, and fragrance-free!

The consistency of this cleanser is somewhat thin - it is a runny, milky liquid. You really don't need much product, I use just slightly more than in my picture above and it covers my entire face. I use this twice a day - once during the day and once at night. This is a very gentle cleanser, it doesn't sting my eye if I accidentally get some in there. After cleansing my face with this, my face feels so smooth and refreshed. It doesn't give you that "extremely clean" drying feeling to your skin. 

So the main reason why I purchased two new bottles right after the 2 week sample ran out was because I decided my face couldn't live without it (of course I'm exaggerating, but you get what I mean.. haha). Just after two weeks, I realised that my skin has never felt or looked better. I have a lot of breakouts in my forehead area, and after using this it smoothed it out quite a bit. It was a pretty noticeable difference - even my mum and sister realised it!

I always had this mindset that gentle cleanser wouldn't clean my face enough, but I guess I was proven wrong. This Cetaphil Sensitive Gentle Cleanser has cleaned my face so much better and my skin has been loving it so much. It also doesn't dry out my skin, so it feels a lot smoother now.

So, remember to grab yourself some free samples and try it out - hopefully your skin will love it as much as mine does!

Thanks for reading, xoxo


DD'ell Nail Polishes | Part 2 - Cremes & Shimmers

Hi guys! Today I have more DD'ell nail polishes to show you. I did a Part 1 with Bright, Summer Creme Shades, and this part will be a mixture of creme and shimmers. Bare with my pictures as I take my nail photos in natural light, and since it's fall weather, some are a little dark and I had to take the last one under indoor lights.

Again, I got these nail polishes thanks to OKDGG, which is basicallh a global delivery middle man. If a Korean website (which usually doesn't ship overseas) is powered by OKDGG, they will ship your products to anywhere in the world.

Milky Orange - A orangey-yellow creme, great formula, 2 coats for maximum opacity.
Yellow - Like the name suggests, a bright yellow creme, a little streaky, 3 coats for maximum opacity.
Milky Pink - Pale baby pink creme, awesome formula, 2 coats for maximum opacity.
Aurora Pink - Sparkly medium pink with silver and pink micro glitter, smooth formula, 2 coats for maximum opacity.
Skin Beige - Beautiful sparkly nudey-beige with gold micro glitter, smooth formula, 2 coats for maximum opacity.
Bebe Pink - Very pale baby pink creme, amazing formula, 2 coats for maximum opacity.
Forest - Medium grassy green creme, smooth formula, 3 coats for maximum opacity.
Sexy Red - Bright, sexy red creme, awesome formula, 2 coats for maximum opacity.
Black Sparkle - Black and silver hex glitters, formula isn't that great, needs a little fishing to get the glitters out.
Silver Brown - Multicolored glitter in a sheer brown base. Topped on a black creme. Super beautiful, great formula.

You Can Get These at:


That's all the DD'ell Polishes I have to show you! Which are your favourites?
Thanks for reading, xoxo
*polishes were sent to me. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.