Spa Day In | Gloomy Fall Days

Fall is right around the corner, and the weather has begun to change. There's definitely more gloomy, rainy days and what does that call for? A Spa Day In, of course! Rainy days make me want to stay indoors and just relax in the comforts of my own home. I definitely don't have time to do this every rainy day, but when I have time or it's a weekend, I do a little pampering session to just unwind. My spa day in is really simple and only consists of a few products.

Scented Candles or Fragrance Oils
I wish we had as many scented candles on sale here in Malaysia as Bath & Body Works, but we don't so we'll have to improvise! I use fragrance oils with an oil burner. First step to relaxation - burn your favourite scented candle or fragrance oil! Nothing relaxes you more than a wonderful scent. I use fragrance oils from The Body Shop, and my favourites are: Cranberry Joy (which is a Christmas scent, I think), Pomegranate & Raspberry, and Mandarin & Tangelo. I love my fruity scents, as you can probably tell :p

Body Scrub
Scrub away the week's worth of tiring hard work, and also dead skin. My favourite body scrub is: Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub (it smells like pancakes with maple syrup.. I can't even.)

Bubble Bath
A long, warm bath - what better way to relax? Drop in your favourite bubble bar from Lush, or your favourite bubble bath gels. Get a ton of bubbles in the tub, get it there and drown away the stress! To me, getting into a warm tub of bubble bath is like one of those *good sigh* moments. All the stress just melts away and there's nothing in my mind but happiness. I haven't tried bubble bath gels, but my favourite LUSH Bubble Bars are: The Comforter (sweet & fruity), and Creamy Candy (sweet). Sometimes I like to drop half of a Bath Bomb in there too. My favourite bath bombs are: Butterball (ultimate relaxer and skin softener with cocoa butter and everything!), Twilight (for a relaxing Lavender scent), and Tisty Tosty (for a wonderful rose scent, and beautiful dried flowers!).

A Good Book
Okay, so I'm a chick lit kind of gal (does anyone still say "gal"?). I love my cheesy romance novels and there's no better time to read a good book than in your wonderful warm bubble bath. Sometimes I love a little more Sci-Fi or a little more Mystery, just kind of depends on what I'm feeling at the moment I guess. The book I'm currently reading is Afterwife by Polly Williams (pretty cool book. Wife dies, her "spirit" stays and looks after her husband, tries to find a good fit to be his new wife. Pretty hilarious book.). My favourite books are: Beautiful Disaster by Jamie Mcguire (typical girl meets bad boy, falls in love, but with a ton of "passion", it's a pretty "adult" novel, but nothing excessive *ahem*50 shades*ahem*), and the Uglies Series by Scott Westerfeld (pretty cool sci-fi series, with cool girly technology).

Body Butter
Hop out of the shower, dry yourself and slather on a thick, moisturising body butter and let your skin soak it all up! I prefer using lightweight body lotions instead of body butters every day just because they're on the heavier side, but I love body butters after a bubble bath! I love the Body Shop Body Butters and my favourite scents are: Strawberry Body Butter, and the Mango Body Butter.

Doesn't matter if you prefer blasting your favourite music out loud, or listening to them from your phone with a pair of headphones in - music is probably your best friend when it comes to destressing. I love Spotify for music, you can listen to your favourite songs for free at home, and also you can get Spotify Premium to listen to the songs offline.
Download: [Spotify]

Manipedi at Home!
My last step to a spa day in is probably to do my nails while listening to music. I do the whole manipedi at home - hand mask, hand cream and stuffs to get soft, smooth hands. And then paint on my favourite shade of nail polish! I have a whole post on my favourite shades right now (for Fall 2014!) if you would like to check it out. This one I'm showing in the pictures above is: OPI's In The Cable Car Pool Lane (a beautiful, deep red-purple).

Phew! That was a pretty long post! And guess what.. it's raining outside! I'm gonna go soak in a warm bath, and read a good book, and do my nails.... nah, I'm just kidding. I have to get to class! Bye!


Products for Smooth & Soft Hands Without Going to the Salon!

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I love the idea of soft, manicured hands but not so much the idea of spending a crap-ton of money to get them that way. Honestly I haven't cared much about my hands until up to some time last year when I got so into nail polish and almost turned Beauty Nerd By Night into a nail blog (yep, that almost happened). I had no idea that my cuticles were super dry and disgusting and didn't care if my nails weren't filed perfectly. Now it kind of turned into an obsession. They. must. be. perfect. 

I thought I'd show you guys the products that work for me, and hopefully they'll save you the money too! I do naturally have a lot of fine lines on my fingers for some reason. Just like how your face is your canvas for makeup, your fingers and nails are your canvas for nail polish and it starts with the right base!

Sally Hansen Gel Cuticle Remover ($4.99 on Ulta.com)
The first time I used this was almost like removing an entire mask from my cuticles. No kidding. Cuticle remover makes such a difference - it takes away the dry areas and removes the darkness around the nails. This is enriched with jojoba oil and kiwi extract to remove excess cuticles and also moisturise them at the same time. The shape of the tip is also made in such a way that you can use that to push back your cuticles when you have the gel on. It's so easy, you literally slather it on your cuticles and wash it off after 1-2 minutes.

Etude House Hand Bouquet Rich Collagen Hand Mask ($3.71 on KollectionK.com)
I do a hand mask once a week or two and it only takes 15-20 minutes. I love this one because it comes in a sheet glove infused in the mask and you just have to put on the glove. Then it also comes with a disposable plastic glove that you put on over the sheet glove. There's also an infographic showing you acupoints on your hand that you can massage to relief eye fatigue, digestion, sniffles, etc while you have the mask one.

Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream ($6 on BurtsBees.com)
This is a great cuticle cream that I always have with me in my purse where ever I go. It moisturises my cuticles instantly and it smells so amazing! The Sweet Almond Oil and Cocoa Seed Butter moisturises and softens the cuticles while the Vitamin E and Sunflower Oil nourishes brittle nails.

Soap & Glory Hand Food ($6 for 1.7oz/$15 for 4.2oz on Sephora.com)
Soap & Glory claims that this is the most astonishing hand cream ever and I agree! This is also something I always have with me on the go (especially to college). I have to admit that I love putting on hand cream when I'm bored in class lol. This one works amazing to moisturise and soften my hands and it smells like heaven! It's infused with shea butter, macadamia oil and get this... MARSHMALLOWS! And of course, to me, it then starts smelling like marshmallows.

These are the products I use to get soft and moisturised hands, as I would if I were to spend weeks of my savings in the salon. I'll cover how to trim, file, paint, and clean up the nails in a separate post!

Thanks for reading, xoxo


Nail Polish Picks | Fall 2014

Fall is just around the corner and it's time to bring back the jewel-tones and the deep colours. As the leaves fall, we kind of shed our colourful looks too right? There's nothing wrong with wearing bright colours in the fall or winter (I do it quite often), but there are definitely some fall shades that I absolutely love!

Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant ($4.94 - Buy @ Walmart)
Shade: Perfect Penny
Nudes are perfect for all four seasons. We see them on runways, in magazines, and pretty much everywhere; but we never get tired of nudes. It's beautiful, classy and always in style. I'm not much of a nude nails girl I must say, but this shade kind of makes up for it. It's a light, coppery-bronze colour and it has tons of shimmer running through it. It's an absolutely gorgeous alternative to a nude polish. This is a very wearable shade, and can also be worn to work.

Essie Nail Polish ($8.96 - Buy @ Walmart)
Shade: Trophy Wife
Jewel-tones are great for fall. They are a great combination of fall and just the right amount of colour. This shade is a beautiful emerald with shimmer and the finish is super glossy. This shade is one of those shades that make you feel all fancy (*you already know!* yep.). It's a really unique shade (especially for Essie!) that's eye-catching, yet classy. This shade is also really universally flattering on all skin tones.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Colour ($3.97 - Buy @ Ulta)
Shade: Pronto Purple
Another beautiful jewel-tone. I think this shade is either discontinued, or it's named differently outside Malaysia because I can't seem to find this shade. This is a deep amethyst shade that has lots of shimmer and it has so much depth. It's so gorgeous! I have two of these Insta-Dri nail polishes and they dry really quickly (hence the name) and are super opaque. They have a weird smell though. 

OPI Nail Polish ($9.50 - Buy @ Ulta)
Shade: Keeping Suzi At Bay
I love wearing blue nail polishes (my sister would be like "yeah I know" right about now). This is kind of like a mix between a royal blue and a navy blue. This shade is my go-to if I need something quick that I know will work. The formula is a little thin, so you have to apply the polish properly (not sloppily like how I did in the swatch :p) to get an even coverage, and you'd need 2-3 coats.

OPI Liquid Sand Nail Polish ($9 - Buy @ drugstore.com)
Shade: Alcatraz... Rocks
I absolutely love OPI's Liquid Sands, which is their version of textured polishes. They're fantastic: they dry fast, they're so sparkly and they have tons of different shades. This one I absolutely adore! It's a dark purple base with multi-colored glitter. One coat is opaque enough but two coats is perfect!

Those were my top nail polish picks for Fall! I absolutely love dark nail polish - especially ones with tons of sparkle in a deep base! Bring it on, Fall!

Thanks for reading, xoxo

What nail polish shade are you most excited to wear in the fall?