I am so sorry I have been neglecting my blog lately. Finals is in three weeks & I’ve already started studying.. Like I said, NERD. Hahaha 🙂 Hope you guys don’t mind. I’m trying to fit time into my schedule to film & post! 
But as promised, here are the Naked 2 Palette swatches! These are all heavily swatched.
Left to Right: Foxy, Half-Baked, Bootycall, Chopper
FOXY is a matte highlight shade which I cannot stress enough HOW IMPORTANT those are in palettes. It is a very sheer colour, but as you can see from the swatch above, it is very buildable. This would work on a lot of skintones, it’s a really really nice highlight.
HALF-BAKED is a golden-y shade that I use all the time to highlight my inner corners. It just brightens so well! This looks really flattering all over the eyelids as well! Topping this on top of MAC’s Paint Pot in Rubenesque will give you the extreme brightness you need to widen up your eyes and make you look awake.
BOOTYCALL is a slightly frosty highlight shade. This is another one of those shades I find universally flattering. I use this all over my lids when I want a very subtle look just to brighten those peepers. This will also look good as a highlight shade, either on the inner corners or on the browbone. Personally though, I prefer a highlight shade to be matte. But everyone has their own preferences.
CHOPPER is a shimmery golden colour. This is one of the colours that leans more towards the chalkier side and it has quite a lot of fallout. 

Left to Right: Tease (My Fave!), Snakebite, Suspect, Pistol
TEASE is a light purple-grey colour. My favourite combination is to have Bootycall all over the lids and Tease in the crease; gives a really nice subtle look! Video tutorial coming soon 🙂
SNAKEBITE is a dark, shimmery bronze colour. This would look nice if you want a smokey look but don’t want to go too dark with a black.
SUSPECT is a light, champagne colour. It’s gorgeous all over the lids! Gives a brightening effect.
PISTOL is a dark grey but has a slight tinge of green in it. This is great as a crease colour because its a very wearable colour; it’s not too harsh.  

Left to Right: Verve, YDK, Busted, Blackout
VERVE is a bright silver colour that works very well as a “middle-of-the-lids” colour. It reflects just the right amount of light & makes you look more awake.
YDK is a gorgeous rose-gold colour. This is also on the chalkier side, but it’s still a pretty colour! This would look good as a natural-lazy look, by just applying this all over the lids and nothing else. Rose-gold is so in this season 🙂
BUSTED is the perfect shade of a dark brown that is a very great substitute for black eyeshadow if you dont want your smokey look to be too dramatic. This looks great in the crease.
BLACKOUT is a matte black. This is sooo pigmented! Love that this palette comes with this shade. Blend a little of this colour into the crease and you’re ready for a night out!
Check out my video review on this palette! 🙂
My blog post review!:
So, have you guys given much love to your Naked 2 Palette lately?
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