My Revlon Lip Butter Collection!! + SWATCHES!

warning: too many “seductive-wannabe” pictures of pouts.

Hey girlies! Today, I am sharing with you my Revlon Lip Butter collection! Okay, I don’t have that many- I have five. But I thought I’d show you anyway, ’cause these are still literally my FAVOURITE lip products ever!

Starting off with the shade I HATE the most:


I know that this is one of the more-talked about shades from the whole line, but personally I don’t like it that much. It is supposed to be a pinky-nude shimmery colour. Because my lips are slightly more pigmented, this colour just adds a heck lot of shimmer to my lips – and I don’t like it because it accentuates the dry, fine lines on my lips.


I LOVE this colour, but unfortunately, its too cool-toned for my skintone. I still really love this colour as a sheer, one coat kind of colour on my lips. It’s a candy-bubblegum pink colour and it looks really yummy :3

I just added this to my collection not too long ago. When I bought this, I thought it was going to be a natural/baby pink kind of colour one my lips. But when I came home and tried it on, all I needed was ONE coat to get the colour I desire. If I build up this colour, it becomes a hot pink-fuschia colour which I really don’t like.


This is my favourite shade of all time, Cherry Tart! I’m sorry it looks disgusting, but you can tell that I’ve given it so much “love” (hahaha). This is definitely a good start to a red lip, so if you’re too scared to try one, GIVE THIS A TRY! It will change your world, seriously. It’s a pinky-red colour that isn’t too bright a red.


This is the shade Tutti Frutti. It looks like a straight up orange colour but if you put a sheer coat, it looks like a coral and thats what I LOVE about this lipstick! I have wanted this lipstick ever since it came out but this shade wasnt introduced in Malaysia. AND I SAW IT IN SINGAPORE!! Grabbed it and loved it ever since <3.
That’s it!! That’s all the colours I have and I hope you guys enjoyed this post! 

Thanks for reading lovies 🙂

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  • Those all look so good! I haven't tried the lip butters yet, but I need to.

  • You definitely should! Thanks for reading 🙂

  • All of them are so good Jia.
    Looks pretty on you !!!

  • Thank you so much Niesha! 🙂

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