Vintage Nails! + HAPPY DEEPAVALI!

Monday, November 12, 2012

I have always been eye-ing this design. I've "attempted" it a couple of times but have always failed. Hahaha! I never have the patience to do detailed nail art - I get frustrated really easily. But today, I had the whole day free! So, I just sat down and patiently did my nails. Being patient doesn't mean I'm not lazy!! So I apologise in advance for the horrible, messy outcome of it. I was too lazy to clean the sides :/ & My nails are not shaped. Haha! I hope you still like it anyway. Today was an awesome day! The sun finally decided to come out to play and I've filmed a couple of videos that are in the midst of editing.  

All pictures were taken with natural sunlight.

Picture of Floral Nails

Picture of Floral Nails

Picture of Floral Nails

Picture of Floral Nails

Grey is from TheFaceShop.
Hot Pink, White & Green is from Elianto.
Baby Pink (stripes) is from Etude House.

If you can see in the 2nd picture, I'm a very messy person.. Hahahaha!! I added a top coat and some hair got caught in it and dried in there. :/

Before I end this post, I just want to wish a HAPPY DEEPAVALI to everyone who celebrates it!! I love you guys!

I did a temporary tattoo thing that is called "Henna". I'm not sure if it's a Deepavali tradition, but I think it's such a gorgeous form of art. This will fade in 7-10 days.

Picture of Temporary Tattoo (HENNA)

Picture of Temporary Tattoo (HENNA)

I've always wanted to get a tattoo on my finger that says "Love" in a cursive font. But I'll never do it. I can NOT tolerate pain! I don't even have piercings on my ear; is that weird? Haha! So I opted for henna instead :p. It is very faded though, i guess because i wash my hands like... a bajillion times a day?! hahaha! :)

Do you celebrate Deepavali? If not, have you ever tried "Henna"?

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