On Hiatus :p

Hey guys!

Firstly, IM SO SORRY for lack of videos and lack of blog posts.

Both my camera broke down on me, like seriously? Both. Both my video camera and still image camera. My video camera broke down a day after the still image one. :(

But I'm getting a new video camera soon! & I hope it takes great still images too, can't splurge that much. But, once I get my camera, I promise I'll post more videos and blog posts! :)

More reviews, hauls & tutorials coming right up!

I love you guys! <3
Thanks for reading.


SWATCH - Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks

Being a girl that was stuck in a 6 hours flight, bored with nothing else to do because I obviously wasn't prepared for a flight. I looked through the SkyShop catalogue in the Cosmetics section (who knew? hahaha) and found this!!! SUPERLUSTROUS LIP CUBE!!! :o I've never tried the Super Lustrous Lipsticks.

It comes with 9 lip sticks. The swatches on my hand will be at the bottom :)

The first shade is:

475 Icy Violet
613 Just Enough Buff

467 Plum Baby

619 Rose & Shine

610 Goldpearl Plum

487 Cherry Blossom

616 Wink For Pink

103 Caramel Glace

205 Champagne On Ice

Swatches on my hand!:

These are not the whole line of Super Lustrous Lipsticks. There are so many shades and that is a plus in my book!

To me, the formula is nothing special. Just typical lipstick, not very moisturizing, but a big variety of shades. SO YAY! I love the colours that come in this Super Lustrous Lip Cube :)

Thanks for reading! <3