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11 Things About Me!

  1. I like being involved in little charity things, like maybe a cleanup or painting an orphanage. I was an active member in Key Club (Kiwanis Organization) while I was in my former high school.
  2. I am such a lazy person! I might be a nerd and I LOVE Physics and Add Math, but I am really lazy to study for exams.
  3. I am not taking the local syllabus which is the SPM papers, but I'm sitting for O-Levels :)
  4. I love singing! Although I might sound bad (I hope not.. hahaha) I LOVE SINGING! It expresses my feelings very much.
  5. I am a procrastinator. :p
  6. I am really disorganized sometimes. If you have seen my videos, my room can be really messy sometimes. But there will always come a point that it's too much that I have to clean up everything. Though, I am a perfectionist at somethings like when I'm doing my nails, or my homework. Everything has to be perfect or I'll keep redoing it. Like my nails now, oh my God, they are driving me crazy!
  7. I am a loud and crazy person. You'll probably see me laughing all the time!
  8. I can't speak my mother tongue well, hahaha. & that's Chinese Language. I can't write and read in that language :)
  9. I almost always buy my makeup products with my own money, that's probably why I don't have much high end products, hahaha.
  10. I don't have any pets. I have a soft heart towards animals, but I am really afraid of them. HAHAHAHA. I had been chased by a dog when I was about 8. & I ran faster than it did, surprisingly, because I can't run.
  11. I can't sleep late. The times that I've slept after 12AM is pretty much countable with the fingers in one hand. I sleep at 9 to 10PM almost everyday. 8)
Britt's 11 Questions for me:

1. What has been the best trip you've gone on?
Probably my most recent trip to China. I picked up a bunch of makeup products! :p That makes me happy!

2. What is your favorite flower? Is there a special reason for it?
Roses! I LOVE ROSES! Roses remind me of my boyfie :) I love pink roses.

3. What was your favorite cartoon as a child? Or now! :)
 I used to love PB & J Otter, Spongebob Squarepants (I still do now!) and I love Phineas and Ferb now. They're so cool, hahaha.

4. What is your favorite perfume/cologne/body spray/essential oil? AKA What you use to smell good! :)
I love the Anna Sui Forbidden Affair perfume, smells so good! It has a mysterious yet fruity scent, so good! That's pretty much my signature scent.

5. What helps you get to dream land on sleepless nights?
Nothing. If I can't sleep, I stay up and watch more makeup videos! But I'll eventually fall asleep.

6. What is your favorite movie?
Probably Letters to Juliet. But I think after I watch The Hunger Games, that's gonna be it. Sad to say, I have not watched it just because all show times are full!

7. What is your favorite cosmetics brand and why?
Probably Revlon. I think their products are great and really consistent.

8. What is your favorite "dancing" song? I don't really dance, so workout song, turn it up loud in the car song, etc...whatever gets your grove going.
I don't dance. In the car, I love anything Taylor Swift, and I love Charice too. But my favourite song right now is probably Part of Me by Katy Perry or Drive By by Train. 

9. Are you a total tech junkie or are you more low key and like turning your phone/computer off once in awhile?
I think I'm more of a tech junkie. I'm always on my phone and computer. & I'm pretty good with computers :p

10. What is your favorite food?

11. What do you focus more on, hair or make up?
Probably makeup. My hair's usually just it's normal straight, long self. It's either it's down or it's up in a ponytail. There are times when I curl it or do pretty hairstyles, but doing my makeup takes long enough in the morning, so I pretty much skip hair.

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That's all the bloggers I know, sorry. :3

My questions!
1. What is your favourite beauty product that you have?
2. What was the hardest product to get your hands on?
3. What are your favourite clothing brands?
4. What is the one product that you won't go out without?
5. Are you a nail polish junkie and what is your favourite shade right now?
6. What best describes your makeup looks most?
7. What's your best beauty tip that worked for you?
8. Are you a drugstore or high end person?
9. What is the one drugstore product that you think tops high end?
10. What's your favourite food?
11. What's your favourite hairstyle right now?


What's in My Makeup Bag?

HI GUYS! I'm back, did you miss me? :D ....No? ....Oh.

Anyway, I have a pretty exciting post today, well to me anyway. I have filmed a video on this too, but I'm still in the midst of editing it. It'll probably take a few more days to be uploaded, but once it's uploaded, I'll post it in this blog post. I'm just so tied up with midterms! But midterms end this Thursday, woohoo! So, I gotta post this really quick and go study some Biology. *Proud Nerd* 8) The video is down below! :)

Sorry in advance for the pictures. I took these outside my house because I wanted it to be more "natural". I thought it was really pretty but it turned out that the rocks were really dirty, hahahaha. Sorry, I'll take them somewhere else next time. :)

This is my cute & PINK makeup bag! It's from Elianto, you can't buy this individually. Love it.

A little preview :)

Firstly, I have my C&C Blotting Papers. I always keep these in my makeup bag and take these where ever I go just because I do have combination skin and I tend to get really oily on my T-Zone areas. These lovelies help me keep shine at bay. Love these.

Uhhhh, yeah. That's right - highlighter. Hahahaha, I know it's pretty weird. Not many people carry around their highlighters. This is not really a highlighter for me. It just makes my skin look so glowy. I apply this everywhere. Literally. My browbone, inner corners of my eyes, my nose bridge, my cheekbones & my "Cupid's Bow".

This is the lipgloss that I like layering over ANY lipstick, whether it's red or coral or pink, this is what I use. It is pigmented, but I don't care. I like how it makes red lipstick not as bold & it reflects GOLDEN SHIMMER! PRETTY.. :o

Pressed powder. I don't use this much anymore after I've got my blotting papers. But I use this when I go out for events like prom, dinners and parties. Too much blotting can take off makeup so I mattify my face with powder! Too much of this cause cakeyness, that's why I try to avoid this. I need to get a translucent powder in a compact form.

Favourite mascara ever! I use this in the morning, and when I'm done, I throw it into my makeup bag. I have short, sparse, stick straight lashes. This lengthens it so well :O I LOVE IT! I keep this 'cause my eyelashes go back to being stick straight after a while.

I throw in 3-4 lipsticks every time I go out, just because I apply my lipstick after breakfast, and I usually have breakfast outside, so.. yeah. I throw in different colours ranging from pinks to reds to neutrals. This is the Revlon Lip Butter in Cherry Tart. MY FAVOURITE LIPSTICK/LIP BUTTER EVER!

Stick straight lashes. Enough said.

This is a blush stick and it's my favourite blush colour. But I throw in different blushes sometimes. This has been in my makeup bag for quite some time though. It's a very natural pinkish peach colour that literally stays on all day without having to powder over it, at all! Awesome. :3

Another lipstick. This is a neutral shade. This is a lipstick/lip cream/lip gloss by Esprique (by Kose).

My Dolly Wink liner's always in my makeup bag, even if I don't use liner in the morning. 'Cause sometimes I'm lazy to even apply makeup, so with liner on hand, I could just throw on liner & lipstick when I need to go to the mall or something :D

Mah BabyLips! This is essential in my makeup bag! I apply this throughout the whole day when I'm in school (no makeup rule -.-). I apply this before I go to bed, before I apply lipstick.

Another lipstick. This is a straight up Barbie pink colour :) This is the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Wink for Pink. Gorgeous colour! :)

So, that is all that's in my makeup bag. :D

Watch my video!:

What are the essentials in your makeup bag?