Coolest Nail Polishes Ever!

This blog post is going to be about the coolest nail polishes I've ever come across - Indie Polishes! Basically, Indie Polishes are polishes that people mix on their own and sells them. They are so cool. I've actually never purchased/used any of these before.

It would be nice as a gift! *hint hint* *ahem!*

 Hahahaha- moving on.

 The few brands I know are:
Pretty and Polished
Haze Glaze


Nostalgic in Shade: Jordan
Picture from nostalgic website.

Haze Glaze in Shade: Mermaids Tears
picture from nailpolishanon.blogspot.com

Pretty and Polished in Shade: Jawbreaker
picture from gooseglitter.com

These polishes range anywhere between $8-10. Quite expensive, but so pretty!
I need to try these!!

Have you guys tried Indie Polishes?
Let me know what you guys think! :)
Comment down below! <3

Love you guys! :)



Wearing Elianto's S09. But in real life, it's a lot more purple-toned. It's more like a lilac-lavender colour. Love this colour.

This is 2 coats. Love it <3

And it's only RM5.50 hahaha, not even US$2.
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