Trends I'm Loving This Season: Makeup & Fashion!

Okay, first of all... If you guys watched my latest video on YouTube, my 10 Little Secrets tag, which you totally should :p It's pretty bad lighting, but hey, it's just a tag video, hope its fine <3

Then you'd know I dont like dressing up.

But I really love these trends! They're something that I would actually try. Both makeup and fashion!

Lets start with fashion!

1. Colour Blocking!

I think it's a really fun & feminine way to wear colour! And it's definitely very "summery!" Some studies show that colours can affect your mood. So, pairing bright colours will definitely bring smiles to your face, as well as the people around you. We'll all be happy people! YAY :)

2. A Pop of Colour

Pairing nude on nude seems pretty dull and boring, eh? That is like so yesterday :p (Ahh.. brings back my childhood memories when I used to listen to Hilary Duff..)

But what if, you add on just a touch of colour? Maybe you can pair on a bright handbag?

This is the Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac. *adds to wishlist*

Or pair it with bright, fun accessories?

Maybe this bright, stacked bracelet?

Or a bright pair of pumps?

These are the Louboutin Rolando 120 Hidden Platform Pumps in Bright Yellow.

And you get a gorgeous, put together outfit!


Now for makeup trends!

1. Pastel Looks

This is a really soft, subtle, feminine way to do your makeup. I feel like having pastel makeup brings out the youth in a person, and pastels work on any skin tone.

2. Pop of Colour

Wait.. isn't that Blair Fowler? But oh well, you get what I'm saying.. Just a pop of colour maybe in the crease or on the lower lashline. My personal favourite is to do a natural eyelook with a pop of lime green on the lower lashline.

So yeah. Those are the trends that I am LOVING!

Comment down below and tell me what are the trends that YOU'VE been loving or rocking!



Hi beautifuls! As promised, I have a review for you all! This is kind of a late review, sorry. I actually just got this on my birthday. My friends gave me this for my birthday! Thanks guys! :3

This is how the packaging looks like! YAY! When I first got it, I was all like, "thats it?" It looked bigger in videos from beauty gurus, heh. 


This is how the inside looks like. It comes with 12 neutral colours, HENCE the naked 2 palette. I don't have the original version to compare.

This is just a review, no swatches. I will post the swatches in my next post! :)

Let's start with the positives: These shadows are buttery and really soft and nice. They are also extremely pigmented. I like that the palette comes with a matte black and a matte highlight shade. I could just bring this palette for like, say a whole month's trip! It has a variety of colours that offer a variety of looks. 

Negatives: These eyeshadows have a lot of fall-out, so be sure to tap away the excess before applying to eyelids OR do your eye makeup THEN your face makeup. 

It comes with a dual-ended brush. A flat one and a blending brush.

Positives: I love the flat brush side. It's amazing for packing on eyeshadow all over the lids & also for inner corner highlight.

Negatives: The blending brush is HORRIBLE! It is super scratchy and it does not blend out anything at all!

It also comes with a mini lip gloss in the shade Naked. I actually really like this lip gloss so there's no downside, for me.

Positives: I like that it's a sheer-pink gloss that can go over any lipstick. It just makes the lipstick really glossy, I LOVE IT! It also states that it is a plumper. It has that cooling, minty sensation when you put it on your lips.

On to my current favourite look...

This is with Bootycall all over the lid. I also packed on A LOT of the shade, Tease into my crease. Then, in the inner corner, I have my favourite inner corner highlight shade, Half-Baked.

I paired it with Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in the shade "Rose & Shine" with the Naked lip gloss over it!

Thanks for reading! :)


Another contest entry :p

Hehe, I feel like I'm spamming you guys with contest entry posts. I actually have this and one more contest entry. :P FRET NOT! I have a review coming up for you guys! So excited! But anyway, on to this contest entry.

I entered another video contest, but this time, for DulceCandy87 (which you guys probably know)! It's for her 600k subbies milestone. We're supposed to recreate a look that she has done before, so I chose the "Sexy Malibu Nights" look which she done in the year 2009.

Video time! <3

Love you guys to the moon and back <3 (cheesy much :p)


Book Review: IT Chicks by Tia Williams

Hi guys! I have a video rendering in Sony Vegas now! :) But today, I just decided to do something different. I thought I'd do a book review for you guys! :)

On Tuesday, I went to the school library, and never in a million years would I have thought that my school library actually has books that sounded interesting to me. A sidenote, yes.. I am a Chick-Lit & a Chick Flick girl. I love cheesy, romance books and movies. Love the typical high school dramas. :) This book is definitely one of them.

IT Chicks by Tia Williams
Rating: 3.5/5

This book follows a few high school students from B. Louis Armstrong, New York's most prestigious performing arts school. Tangie flunked her audition for freshman year and is back for her sophomore year! She got in this time, and life in her new school wasn't turning out the way she planned. Skye is Tangie's best friend and there's more drama. Kamillah is Skye's best friend and her boyfriend is Blackadocious. Regina is Skye's best friend, but in a later part of the book, we find out a deep secret of hers. C.J is the love of Tangie's life for five years, but they remained friends. Izzy is the new girl who isn't who everybody thinks she is. Eden is Skye's sister, always stealing her spotlight. Trey is Eden's ex-boyfriend, who then messes around with Tangie.

So, yeah. It sounds pretty typical high school-ish. But it's a pretty interesting book that's got me looking for the 2nd book, Sixteen Candles. This book was published in '07. The second book was published a year later.

Tia Williams must love makeup, because you find a lot of MAC products listed in the book. :3

I finished this book in about two days! Love it <3

Time to study, having my assessments, but I'm reading books -.- & also, finals is in July.
Okay, toodles. :3


Contest Entry on YouTube!

Hi guys! 

I entered a YouTube video contest! It was hosted by Kristee (Strawberryelectric48) for her 50k subbies giveaway! We are needed to make a spring how-to video. So, I made a tutorial! A bright & fun one! :)

Here's my video!:

Picture looks totally different :( Sorry!! Colours are different. :/ Wait for the video :D



Elianto nail lacquer in Coral Light.

On my ring finger, I have Elianto Nail Lacquer in S12.

Coral Light is a bright corally colour, and S12 is a bright, neon pink colour.


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April Favourites!

Hey beautifuls! Today, I have my April Favourites post for you all. I know I have neglected my blog quite a bit (a lot, maybe) but I have been busy and lazy. :p You just go through that phrase, you know.. hahaha. But now I'm back! 

I've filmed my Birthday Haul video and it's still waiting to be edited & uploaded.. But, subscribe to my YouTube channel to receive updates! :) Yay, more ways to stalk me!

So... off to my April Favourites! I have that video posted up on my channel already, so check it out!

Sorry about the weird thumbnail. I feel like YouTube always choose weird thumbnails for me. 


I'm gonna change things up a bit and start off with hair care :)

This is my Elianto Organic Olive Hair Essence. It's almost all used up. This stuff is awesome!! I usually use this when I straighten my hair but these days, my hair has been SO damaged, I started to use this every single day. Unless it's second day hair, just because it IS an oil & if I apply it on second day hair, it's gonna look really greasy. But I usually wash my hair everyday, I know that's bad. Sorry :/ But I LOVE this essence oil. It really helps my split ends and makes my hair look really silky & shiny. Love it!

Next is my Neutrogena SPF15 Moisture Moisturiser. I just like this moisturiser because it's not greasy. & it's really easy to apply. I feel like this also acts as a primer for my face makeup, with this on, personally, I feel that my makeup lasts longer. And it has SPF in it, it's always good to have SPF! :)

Moving on to MAKEUP YAY!

This is my Maybelline Hyper Curl Volume Express mascara. I recently rediscovered this in my stash. I used to be obsessed with it until I bought a new mascara that I was in love with and THAT mascara is now in my stash :p Love that this mascara gives the volume and the curl. If you have stick straight lashes like me, you should definitely curl it first, and this mascara will lock in the curl and make it last longer. Definitely a hit!

This is the Elizabeth Arden Pencil Liner in Black Brown. Love this mascara for tight-lining my upper lashline. Makes my lashes look fuller and you can definitely achieve the smokey effect with this liner. Using a Brownish Black will give you a less harsh look. Tight-lining is something that I'm currently loving.

This is just a basic white liner. This is from Organic Farm. I think it's a Korean brand, I got it at Sasa. I actually love this liner for highlighting. I use this in my inner corners, browbone, nose bridge as well as my cupid's bow. This is super blendable, really nice :)

Next is a liquid liner from Face of Australia. I THINK it's an Australian brand :p hahahaha!! I got this at Sasa. It's just a metallic, bright, bold blue colour. I use an angled brush and use some of this to apply onto my lower lashline. Love this for spring/summer. :)

This is the Maybelline Angel Fit Perfect Concealer in 01 Light Beige. HAHAHAHA, Light Beige. Seriously. I don't know why I picked this up. This concealer is obviously too light for me. Even if it was my shade, this does not cover anything. BUT, I found a use for it. I use it to highlight & I LOVE IT! :)

Some of you know I love doing winged liner. & I find that gel liners work better with winged liners. This is the Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in Black. This doesn't smudge and it's great for long wearing, it doesn't fade. Love this for winging out my liner.

This is my Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Stick in 205 Champagne on Ice. This is a nude colour with a slight hint of pink. I really like how it looks on my lips. This gives my lips the "my lips but better colour" colour. So sorry for using that line too liberally. :p

This is the Elianto Magic Torzetto Lip Gloss in 01 Pink Liberty. It's just a pretty, sure lip gloss that looks amazing over anything. It reflects hot pink, blue and silver glitter. So gorgeous! I know the swatch above looks a little patchy. That was because I just globbed it on sloppily. :p

Last favourite is my Elianto Nail Lacquer in S09. You guys might have seen this in my NOTD post. You know I love this colour, it's super gorgeous. The sloppy swatch above was only 1 coat. You can see that it is really pigmented & not streaky at all. I love this colour & I just love the whole brand!

So, that is all for my April Favourites. Hope you enjoyed this post. Don't forget to follow me! 

I love you guys. <3