Heyhey beauties! Today I have a summer checklist post! Since it's summer 24/7 here in Malaysia and I'm totally bored of it, I decided to join in the fun and write a blog post on a few of my "summer" essentials!

1) Moisturizer (with spf please c: )

This is my Neutrogena Moisture SPF 15 Moisturizer which was featured in my April Favourites post! Its important to moisturize in the summer time (well, all year round actually). The added SPF will help protect your skin from the harmful sun rays. How ironic, we want to tan under the sun, yet protect our skin from it?

2) BB Cream/Tinted Moisturizer

For the summer time, we'll be sweating and getting oily.. a lot. So you wanna be sure that you use something that's going to stay on, yet feel really lightweight on your skin. Most of us don't like wearing too much makeup for the summer time, so BB Creams & Tinted Moisturizers are great choices! One of my personal favourite BB Cream is the Garnier one. And my favourite Tinted Moisturizer is the You Rebel Lite by Benefit.

3) Primer

As I said, we'll be getting real oily so primer is definitely a must to keep your makeup looking fresh all day! Both face & eye primer is a necessity for summer! Enough said.

5) Waterproof Makeup!

Waterproof makeup is an essential whether or not you want to go into the water. Sweat will also smudge makeup. To prevent that, you want to make sure you use waterproof everything! Mascara, Eyeliner, Lipstick, etc.

6) Bright Makeup!

Summer is the only time we can go crazy on the makeup looks without looking like a clown. Colors are so fun to wear and they really pop on the face. Coral and tangerine lips, neon nails & pastel makeup are so in this season! Summer is a great time to get all your fun palettes out that you would never wear on a daily basis. But now you can!

7) Self-Tanner!

Just for the glow! & it's way cheaper.

8) WAX!!!!

Please ladies. Wax before showing up in a bikini. In public.

9) Bikinis

Hey look, it's Gillian Zinser (I love her on 90210!) ANYWAY.. Bikinis are a must! Like, hello? :p

10) Bikini Cover Ups

These are just really nice for hanging at the beach without going into the water.

There's nothing much to say about these. But they are definitely the things that I find really important for summer! I hope you guys like this! Thanks for reading! :)



Hey guys! Today I have a really short and to-the-point post for you all! :) This is a FOTD post. I don't know if you guys like these posts? Please comment down below and tell me what you think of NOTDs and FOTDs. Should I do them more often? Your opinion matters the most to me <3

Sooo.. on to today's FOTD. It's just a neutral look. I did the eyeshadow with my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. Video tutorial on the look (without falsies & eyeliner) will be down at the very end of the post :)  I used my favourite eyeliner which is the Dollywink liquid liner for my winged liner. Used some falsies from The Face Shop (LOVE THESE LASHES!) Lightly dusted Elianto's Baked Blusher in Pumpkin Orange on my cheeks. Used Maybelline's Color Sensational Lipstick in Coral Crush and topped it off with Elizabeth Arden High Shine Lip Gloss in Golden Pink to make the lipstick more wearable.


Now on to the pictures.

It doesn't look very blended but I promise you, it is irl. :)

Just for laughs :)

I hope you guys liked this and thank you so much for reading! :)



I am so sorry I have been neglecting my blog lately. Finals is in three weeks & I've already started studying.. Like I said, NERD. Hahaha :) Hope you guys don't mind. I'm trying to fit time into my schedule to film & post! 

But as promised, here are the Naked 2 Palette swatches! These are all heavily swatched.

Left to Right: Foxy, Half-Baked, Bootycall, Chopper

FOXY is a matte highlight shade which I cannot stress enough HOW IMPORTANT those are in palettes. It is a very sheer colour, but as you can see from the swatch above, it is very buildable. This would work on a lot of skintones, it's a really really nice highlight.

HALF-BAKED is a golden-y shade that I use all the time to highlight my inner corners. It just brightens so well! This looks really flattering all over the eyelids as well! Topping this on top of MAC's Paint Pot in Rubenesque will give you the extreme brightness you need to widen up your eyes and make you look awake.

BOOTYCALL is a slightly frosty highlight shade. This is another one of those shades I find universally flattering. I use this all over my lids when I want a very subtle look just to brighten those peepers. This will also look good as a highlight shade, either on the inner corners or on the browbone. Personally though, I prefer a highlight shade to be matte. But everyone has their own preferences.

CHOPPER is a shimmery golden colour. This is one of the colours that leans more towards the chalkier side and it has quite a lot of fallout. 

Left to Right: Tease (My Fave!), Snakebite, Suspect, Pistol

TEASE is a light purple-grey colour. My favourite combination is to have Bootycall all over the lids and Tease in the crease; gives a really nice subtle look! Video tutorial coming soon :)

SNAKEBITE is a dark, shimmery bronze colour. This would look nice if you want a smokey look but don't want to go too dark with a black.

SUSPECT is a light, champagne colour. It's gorgeous all over the lids! Gives a brightening effect.

PISTOL is a dark grey but has a slight tinge of green in it. This is great as a crease colour because its a very wearable colour; it's not too harsh.  

Left to Right: Verve, YDK, Busted, Blackout

VERVE is a bright silver colour that works very well as a "middle-of-the-lids" colour. It reflects just the right amount of light & makes you look more awake.

YDK is a gorgeous rose-gold colour. This is also on the chalkier side, but it's still a pretty colour! This would look good as a natural-lazy look, by just applying this all over the lids and nothing else. Rose-gold is so in this season :)

BUSTED is the perfect shade of a dark brown that is a very great substitute for black eyeshadow if you dont want your smokey look to be too dramatic. This looks great in the crease.

BLACKOUT is a matte black. This is sooo pigmented! Love that this palette comes with this shade. Blend a little of this colour into the crease and you're ready for a night out!

Check out my video review on this palette! :)

My blog post review!:

So, have you guys given much love to your Naked 2 Palette lately?



Hi guys! I have been wanting to do a haul with my MAC stuff for a while now.. But I always felt like there wasn't enough things to actually put in a haul. 

I went to Singapore for the weekend and if you have been a follower of mine ever since I started blogging, then you'd know that there's no Lush in Malaysia. So, since I was there for the weekend, I took the advantage and went to the one and only Lush store in Singapore which is located in Wisma Atria on Orchard Road, I believe.

And now, I finally think I have enough to do a haul on! In the beginning, I was thinking about doing a haul video.. but I figured I'd just do a blog post because I have quite a lot of videos filmed that need to be edited and my computer is so slow.

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So the haul post is born. B)

The first place I went to was MAC. I got a few things.

I went to MAC without knowing what exactly I wanted to get. I knew that I wanted the eyeshadow I bought but nothing else. So, I swatched so many things in there, it was so awkward. The girl that was helping me was probably really frustrated with me. HAHAHA, she had to follow me around and I just kept swatching everything! But I did end up getting 5 things so, I guess it's like a win-win situation, eh?

I wanted to get a Paint Pot. I wanted to get Rubenesque because Allison (Amarixe on YouTube) loves it, and she has recommended quite a lot of products that I personally love as well! But then, I wanted to get a nude base as well. So I was kinda having a dilemma on whether to get Painterly or Rubenesque or both. They were really expensive as I was used to calling even drugstore products expensive. (Living standards in different countries differ!) 

So I got both! LOL. I feel the burn in my pockets but for these few weeks that I have been using them, I think its money well spent. They are amazing and I feel if you use the right amount, they wont even crease, which is awesome.

And then next, I got the Prep and Prime. This is for the face. And it's just basically a face primer. I have been using this, but I don't really notice any difference. Meh. And this retails for MYR 160. Freaking 160 bucks! Dear fellow followers from Malaysia, please don't spend your RM160 on this. Go for eat-all-you-want dinner bufffets: I strongly suggest Jogoya in Starhill. It's awesome.

And then I got an eyeshadow in Sketch. Because I saw a video on YouTube from... Carahamelie i believe and she said that this is the perfect crease colour. Before I got this, I was in love with using Tease from the Naked 2 Palette for the crease. & it's just like a light purply-brown colour.. So I was really wanting to get this.

I have to say that, I am really, really not impressed with the pigmentation on this shadow, it barely shows up but the colour is gorgeous if you pack it on. Its definitely a colour that I would wear if I have the time in the morning to work with this shadow. This shadow is a Velvet shadow. Do all MAC Velvet shadows have terrible pigmentations? Comments appreciated :)

And then I got Morange, which is an Amplified Creme Lipstick. It's a straight up tangerine colour! The picture above is making it look really pinkish. It's really bold and bright and pretty! I love this lipstick. This is the first time I purchased stuff from MAC and I have to say that, their lipsticks are the products that I am loving the most! They feel really light on your lips and doesn't dry your lips out... Or maybe it's just this shade. I am going to get more MAC lipsticks and I'll definitely keep you guys posted!

Then, I went to Inglot!!

Got the two pan Freedom System palette.

This is in the shade Matte 372. Its actually much brighter in person. I did both my contest entry videos with this colour so go and check it out! :) This is just a pretty teal colour.

This is like a yolk yellow with a lot of shimmer running through it. The girl called it a "Double Shimmer" eyeshadow.. Its really pretty and it's super pigmented. I love it!

Close Ups!!!!

I think the Magnetic Case is a brilliant idea! It's really sturdy and the magnets are really strong. The cover will not just slide off, so it's great for travelling!

Next is Lush! YAY! I love Lush. This is my second purchase from them. I love all the things I bought the first time and I wanted to get more!

Read my post on my first purchase from Lush!:

I've heard a lot about this and I really wanted a dry shampoo because I can never go a day without washing my hair, it gets really greasy. I haven't really tried this yet, but once I have, I'll post a review on it. So remember to check back! :) It smells good though!

Then, I got the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar. I'm not a huge fan of their Bath Bombs but I absolutely love their bubble bars! The last time I wanted to get this, it was out of stock. So I got it now! I sniffed it in the store, it smells soooo amazing! Like its name suggests, it smells like candies!

I bought a soap from them the last time, and I love the way it smells. But the one I bought, Honey I Washed The Kids, was actually pretty drying. Not super drying or anything. But I just wanted to try more of their soaps and see if it was just the Honey I Washed The kids one because I heard a lot of good things about Lush soaps. & They smell sooo good, I couldn't resist. :3

I actually wanted to get the Porridge soap, Sultana of Soap soap, Godmother soap & Rockstar soap. I sniffed the Porridge soap and I did not like the way it smelled.. at all. So I didn't get it.

I asked for a 100g piece. Oh well, close enough.

This is called Sweet Soap Of Mine. It has 100g of Rockstar & 100g of Godmother. I didn't know they actually carry these. But I was so excited because I wanted to try both these soaps! & They were actually cheaper this way! It was only S$18! 100g of Rock star would already cost you S$12.10, and 100g of Godmother would cost S$10.59. So it was a bargain!

So, that's all! 

Thank you guys so much for reading!