Bad Beauty Habits to Break into the New Year!

Whether it be not taking off your makeup, or scrubbing your face too much; we all have beauty habits, be it good or bad. But what are the bad beauty habits that can do harm in the long run? 
Today is New Year’s Day! What better time to break your bad beauty habits than New Years Day?Today I’ve compiled a list of bad beauty habits which many of us (myself included) are guilty of.
1. Not Washing Brushes Regularly

Washing brushes can take up a really long time, especially if you have a really big collection. Brush cleaners are also very pricey.
HOW TO SOLVE: Listen to music when you wash your brushes! Sing along and that way, you’ll never get bored. If you don’t like music (which is highly unlikely), then watch YouTube videos. Watch mine! :p
For pricey brush cleaners, just make your own! There are many do-it-yourself recipes online but what I use is I just mix a mild shampoo with water! And it works wonders! I also use some rubbing alcohol (surgical spirit in some countries) in a spray bottle and spray it on the brush after each use to disinfect it.
2. Popping Zits/Pimples/Acne

We all know this is a bad habit, but we always have the urge to do it anyway. Popping zits will not only transfer bacteria from your hand to your face (thus causing more zits!), it will also leave a scar. Scars can stick with you for a long, long, long time!
HOW TO SOLVE: When you’re looking in the mirror and you see a huge, pulsating zit, you immediately want to pop it. BUT NO. Try to distract your hands by fixing your hair, reapplying lipstick or Instagram your outfit! And try to stop looking in the mirror as often.
3. Not Taking Off Makeup Before You Sleep

This is something that probably majority of us are guilty of. Not taking off your makeup before you sleep is like putting salt on your wound. In the morning, dust and dirt from the air sticks to our skin.  The makeup and dust will clog up your pores and cause you to break out more and then you’d be tempted to pop your zit!! 
HOW TO SOLVE: Makeup cleansing wipes are your best friends! Keep a packet on your bedside table and when you’re tired and sleepy after a long day, just grab a wipe and remove the makeup on your face. Granted, it’s not as clean as washing your face with a cleanser, but it’s better than not doing anything at all! So make sure to pick up makeup wipes on your next makeup run if you work and study long hours.
4. Touching Your Face

What’s wrong with touching my face??!! Well, similar to popping your zits, the contact between your hands and the face will transfer bacteria and cause you to break out more. Touching your face can also lead to you catching a flu.
HOW TO SOLVE: Again, distract your hands! Take pictures, touch your hair! This is the hardest habit to break because we’re so used to it. Most of all, do not give up!
5. Rubbing Your Eyes

Rubbing your eyes is the only way to get rid of that annoying itch! It not only transfers bacteria, but can also lead to an increased pressure in the eye. This, might then cause more severe problems in the long run.
HOW TO SOLVE: Sometimes our eyes itch because they’re dry, so keep a bottle of eye drops in your purse and at home. Eye drops can also help wash away the dirt or pollutant that may be irritating our eyes.
So if you didn’t make any resolutions, now’s a great time to start! No excuses! Let 2013 be a happy, healthy and beautiful year!
Happy New Year everyone! <3
What’s YOUR New Year’s Resolution?
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  • All of these are bad habits that I often do myself. I need to stop doing it too!! 🙂

    I hope you're having a great week and a Happy New Year!

    Thank you so much for linking up to last week's Aloha Friday Blog Hop!! I'm following you.

    If you have time, we'd love to have you come and link up to the Aloha Friday Blog Hop if you haven't already! (Thank you so very much if you've already linked up, I truly appreciate it!!)

    Come and link up and celebrate the coming weekend with us!


    Jean {What Jean Likes}

  • Haha! Happy New Year! I have already linked up at Aloha Blog Hop 🙂

  • Newest follower here! I found you through the blog hop. Cute blog, I can't wait to read more!

  • Ah, I have to worst problem with rubbing my eyes when I first wake up and I know how awful it is! I don't know why I keep doing it 🙁 Good luck with your resolutions! I'm definitely right beside you.
    Once you do start washing your face every night you get to the point where it's literally impossible to fall asleep with it on! Trust me, that's how it was for me anyway!


  • Thank you 🙂

  • I know!! You're not alone, girl! Thank you 🙂

  • I have all those bad habits. I'll try to break them. 🙂 Aloha from the Aloha Friday hop! Esther Norine Designs

  • Ahhhh I totally do all of those habits! Especially rubbing my face and eyes! Good luck to us both ;P
    <3, Mel

  • You can do it! 🙂

  • Hahaha definitely! 🙂