My Elianto Nail Polish Collection!

Hey! As you guys know, I LOVE myself some nail polish. Elianto makes up 1/4 of my nail polish collection just because they are so cheap and have a wide range of colour selection. This post will just be a list of all the colours I own from them and I’ll have the swatches on my next! 
So, the basic stuff first:
These retail for RM5.50 each, with an increment of RM0.50 because it used to be just RM5. 🙁
Their nail polish is very creamy when you first buy it but after a few months can start to get goopy and thick. 
But lets do the math here.
Lets say we get to use it for 3 months before it turns goopy.
That’s RM5.50 for 3 months. Which only makes RM1.80+ per month. Which makes approximately RM0.06 per day :p 
My point is, it’s totally worth it.. haha!
So starting off with.. Yellows & Greens!
L-R: Divine Gold, S01, S02
Divine Gold is a really metallic-finish gold polish.
S01 is a sheer creamy yellow polish.
S02 is a creamy slime-green polish.
I LOVE pink nail polish! They give a really cute and feminine touch to your nails! I especially love the soft pink shades.
L-R: Salsa Pink, Pearl Pink, Peach Orange
L-R: Coral Light, Kissy Pink, S12
Salsa Pink is a hot pink polish that reflects gold glitter.
Pearl Pink is a sheer, pearly light pink colour.

Peach Orange is a peachy pink colour.

Coral Light is a creamy coral pink colour.
Kissy Pink is a cream-jelly coral pink colour.
S12 is a bright hot highlighter pink polish.
Blues & Purples!
L-R: Alice Blue, Turquoise, S09, Pastel Purple
Alice Blue is a light metallic blue polish.
Turquoise is a bright creamy skyblue polish.
S09 is a creamy blue-ish purple polish.
Pastel Purple is a dark taupe-purple polish.
Boring colours!
L-R: White, Twilight Zone
White is a white polish, duh. Haha!
Twilight Zone is a dark, dark black colour.
Stay tuned for my next post which will be swatches of all these nail polishes!
Thanks for reading 🙂
Have you ever tried Elianto nail polish?

This post is not sponsored. I purchased everything with my own money. I’m not getting paid for this.
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