My Favourite Products! (GUEST POST from ExtraExtravagant)

Hello, world.
I have been invited to write a post on BNBN. For my very first guest post, I will be sharing my favorite products with you.
There are a standard set of products that I use for my everyday look. These are products that help me effortlessly achieve my everyday look. Since there are too many elements involved, I will only be sharing with you the cosmetics.
The foundation that I use is the Matifying Compact Foundation in D20 Warm Nude from the Sephora collection. You can find this product in Sephora for $20. If youre looking for flawless coverage, this is not the foundation for you. I use it for smoothing.
The bronzer that I use is the Translucent Mineral Powder in Golden Bronze by Cover FX. For some reason, I cant find this product even though Im pretty sure I bought it from Sephora. There is, however, a similar product called the Radiant FX Luminescent Powder. It also comes in Golden Bronze. You can find it in Sephora for $32. This is actually a setting powder, I believe, but I thought Id use it as a bronzer because it wouldnt be as dark. It didnt work, LOL. Im actually in the market for a new bronzer.
The blush that I use is the Fionatto Blush in 01 Light Pink by Elianto. I bought this in Malaysia and I dont remember how much it was. I like this blush because it blends in perfectly with my skin, giving it a very natural flush.
The eye primer that I use is the High Definition Eye Shadow Base by NYX. I bought this along with two other eye primers when they were on sale on HauteLook and I cant remember how much they were. This is an awesome product because not only does it smooth out your eyelids for your eyeshadow, it also helps your eyeshadow last a LONG time.
The eyeshadows that I use come from a limited edition ELF palette that I cant find anymore, LOL. ELF always has limited edition products coming and going. However, I do warn you that their products are very hit-and-miss. When theyre good, theyre awesome. When theyre not, theyre horrible. The palette that I have, for example, I can only use a few of the colors because the others just. . .suck. I cant even tell you which colors I use from the palette because theyre not labeled.
I use three different eyeliners for EVERY look. I get very OCD with eyeliner because I wear a lot of it ALL THE TIME so I have to make it PERFECT. And I achieve that through these eyeliners: a pencil eyeliner in 161 Black Magic by Rimmel, the Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in Black by Eyeko, and a liquid eyeliner in 4203 Black by ELF. These my are three favorite eyeliners as you can probably tell from the size of the Rimmel, LOL.
There is one other eyeliner that I use, which is a pencil eyeliner in 28 White by Jordana. I use it on my bottom lashline to make my eyes look bigger but I dont recommend this eyeliner because it is very, very, VERY NOT pigmented. I still use it only because it shades (Yes, SHADES) the eyeshadow that I have on my bottom lashline. It turns the black into a very pretty grey, LOL.
I use two kinds of mascara: volumizing and lengthening. I dont trust the two-in-one kind because they just dont produce better results than actually using two types. For volumizing, I like the Volume Plumping Mascara in Black by ELF. For lengthening, I like the lengthening mascara in Extreme Black from the Fibre Lashxtend collection by ModelCo. One coat of each gives you the prettiest eyelashes ever.
Last but not least, because I always have on really dark eye makeup (and clothes), I like to punctuate it with bright red lips. My favorite lip product right now is actually a lip stain. I LOVE Stainaic by TheBalm. It applies really easily, is highly pigmented, and stays for a long time. The only downside thats keeping me from wearing it nowadays is that it dries your lips. Sad.
So, there you have it! My favorite products for my everyday look.
Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed it.
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Cecilia Phng is the writer of the beauty blog ExtraExtravagant. Follow her for guides, reviews, and hauls.
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