Bag Of Love: MARCH 2013 (Debut Bag)

*product sent for review. all opinions are honest and my own.

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Okay, on to the actual post!
Bag of Love is a new subscription service in Malaysia but with a twist! I really like the fact that they are sent in bags instead of boxes so you can reuse them as makeup/travel pouches, so kudos to you Bag of Love! And every month, the design of the bag will be different! For RM39.90/month, you will be spoiled with 5 luxurious beauty treats delivered right to your doorstep!
This is the debut bag, which I received from the awesome Mi Mi, the owner of Bag of Love. This month’s bag has hot pink and black stripes with “Bag of Love” on a gold plate. It also has this heart-charmed zip. Lets get on to the contents!!
First thing in this month’s bag is the “Welcome/Info Card”. Basically, it welcomes you and tells you about the products in your bag. It has a really cute design, just like the website! Then, it comes with an RM30 Gift Voucher for Murad. It also comes with a free movie pass! (What!) How awesome is that! It’s for The Host which I cannot wait to watch!! (I’m pretty obsessed with movies. Throw at me a movie of any genre, I’ll watch it)
1) Murad Energizing Pomegranate Cleanser (RM148 for 150ml)
Omg, I LOVE THIS! This is a 50ml sample (pretty generous size!). I think I’ve fallen in love with Murad skincare. This is a foam cleanser, but is not drying like most foam cleansers. This smells like pomegranates and feels really gentle on the skin. It doesn’t leave a weird residue and makes my skin feel super clean and smooth! 
2) Definite Face Blending Brush (RM98)
This brush costs RM98! And this is the ACTUAL brush, it’s not a travel size. This is already more than double of the bag itself! This brush feels so soft! It is a very dense brush that I would use to powder my skin. I haven’t used this because I still need to clean it (AHHH SO lazy!)
3) Lunasol Skin Fusing Powder Foundation SPF20 (RM140 for 10.5g)
I’ve tried this before and I love it so much! This is such a small sample though! It’s only 0.6g! But this makes my skin look super flawless (HAHAHA) and it feels very smooth on the skin. It doesn’t cake up or anything.
4) Revlon Professional Color Sublime Treatment (RM88 for 200ml)
This is a treatment for colored hair. This is a 75ml (again with the generosity!) bottle. I personally have only colored my hair once (a few highlights, nothing more). But I have really, really dry hair. So I use this anyway. This works really well! It makes my hair so smooth and shiny! Definitely love! Color radiance-wise, I’m not too sure, ’cause like I said.. I don’t have colored hair! ๐Ÿ™‚ But I really like this for dry hair.
5) Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire EDT (RM248 for 50ml)
This is a little sample of 1ml. Hmm, this is described as a fresh & romantic floral scent with a hint of fruity. I definitely wouldn’t wear this scent everyday. To me, it smells like more of a mature and professional kind of perfume. Definitely good to have in your collection when you’re trying to make a very strong, professional impression!
Final Thoughts
I love this month’s bag! The debut bag definitely kept me interested to see what’s in store next month! The total value of my bag totally exceeded the box price. I was very pleasantly surprised with the content in this bag. The bag itself also doesn’t feel cheap. Overall, I really love everything about Bag of Love’s March 2013 Debut Bag. I think that Bag of Love will become one of the biggest beauty box (ahem.. bag) subscription in Malaysia soon! Very new and fresh concept to our Malaysian market (Using bags, that is).
Total Value of My Bag:

Cleanser: RM148 รท 150ml x 50ml = RM49.30
Brush: RM98
Powder Foundation: RM140 รท 10.5g x 0.6g = RM8
Hair Treatment: RM88 รท 200ml x 75ml = RM33
EDT: RM248 รท 50ml = RM5

Total Value of My Bag: RM193.30!


Price: RM39.90/bag

This bag was sent for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own. I am not getting paid to write good things.