ModBox: February 2013 Review!

How many times have I mentioned that I LOVE beauty boxes? Countless times, haha! I think they’re an amazing way to try out new products. I have gotten things that I will never think to buy, ever.. and they’ve amazed me in so many ways.
Without further ado, this is my Modbox February 2013 Review!
Ahh.. Modbox. The box is a really sturdy material with a glossy finish. It’s lilac coloured and looks very classy. Super expensive-looking; but the box is actually only RM19/box! Freaking amazing deal, ok?!
I don’t know if it’s just me, but I always feel so special when I receive a handwritten card. Makes me feel loved. :3
There’s a card that greets you and kind of sums up the whole box that makes you feel all giddy and excited. The other side of the card shows all the products you’ll be getting with the sizes and the prices. Then, there’s a pamphlet from Shaire London. 4 out of 5 products in February’s box are full-sized!!
This is the overall look at all the products in the box. One look and I squealed.. Oh my golly! Two makeup products- YES!!
1. SHAiRE London Hair Perfume/Dry Shampoo (RM35.90/60ml)
This product is full-sized! It is a dry shampoo that can also act as a hair perfume. This is an interesting product because it’s the first dry shampoo I own that is in a liquidy form in the bottle. The others I have are either powder or aerosol. This works pretty well and I also love the scent.
2. Juice Beauty Cleansing Gel (RM115/200ml)
This is the only product that is not full-sized but it’s a pretty deluxe sample. This is 120ml! I LOVE this cleansing gel. It has been my everyday cleansing gel now. It makes my face so smooth and feel so nice. The only downside to this (to me personally) is the “herby” smell. I’m not complaining though, because it is organic and there’s no added fragrance. LOVE THIS STUFF!
3. Perkins Nail Wrap (RM39.90/20strips)
This is full-sized again! If you guys follow me, you know that I LOVE nail foils. I have like a bajillion designs. They are so easy to do, you can achieve amazing effects and they last really long too. I really like this design but my nails are so short right now they wont look nice! Can’t wait to try these when my nails grow out!
4. Essence XXXL nudes Lip Gloss (RM9.90/3g)
FULL-SIZED! This is my favourite product out of the whole box! My shade is in 05 Forever Rose. It smells so fruity and nice (a little hint of asam too :p) This is so amazing! It’s so glossy and it’s not sticky. I use this over ANY lipstick and it just makes my lips looks glossy and pouty. Love it!
5. Essence Smokey Eyes Set (RM11.90)
This is fullsized. I don’t like this.. at all. I put this on at 8 in the morning and at around 8:45 when I was going out, my eyeshadow was so patchy and so creased! The eyeliner smudged all around my eyes and made me look like a panda (not the cute type.)
Final Verdict
I’ve found products that have become my favourites from this box. The only thing I am underwhelmed about in this box is the Essence Smokey Eyes Set. But other than that, I loved everything and have been using them a lot lately. Priced at only RM19, it gives you the opportunity to try out new products without burning a hole in your pockets. Definitely a great subscription for all budget barbies!
Total Value of my Box:
Dry Shampoo: RM35.90
Cleansing Gel (120ml): RM11÷ 200ml x 120ml = RM69
Nail Foils: RM39.90
Lip Gloss: RM9.90
Eyeshadow: RM11.90

Total Value: RM166.60
Price: RM19/box
Box was sent for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own. I’m not getting paid to say good things.
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