Monthly Favourites: FEBRUARY 2013

Hellooooo! It’s March now! And that means it’s time for February Favs! Didn’t February fly by so quickly? Well, apart from the fact that this year, Feb was only 28 days. Why’d they choose February? Why not May, or December? Hmm.. If you guys know the story, tell me in the comments!
This month I have a lot of samples in my favourites because it’s the month that I got beauty boxes. Eventhough they are samples, I’ve tried them out and absolutely loved them: either I’ve used them all up, or they’re still going strong.
I have been loving this as a clutch so much because in the month of January and February, I’ve been attending a lot of formal events. I love wearing dull and dark dresses (because they make you look skinnier) and using this as a clutch adds a beautiful pop of colour. It also gives a very cute feel.  :3
Next is the POREfessional by Benefit. This came in my VanityTrove February 2013 box. This smooths out my skin and helps my BB Cream apply evenly. It also makes my face feel soft & smooth to the touch.
This SkinFood nail polish is so beautiful! It doesn’t have a shade name or anything but it is a beautiful sparkly, diamond-y blue. If a mermaid’s tail was captured in a bottle, this would be it! It says Pedicure sparkle, but I use it on my fingers. Sorry about the sloppy application :p Beautiful!
O.M.G. If you guys follow my blog, you know that I’ve been obsessed with repairing my damaged hair. I used to chemically treat it A LOT until two years ago when I stopped. This anti-frizz serum tames my hair, makes it smooth and gives it a beautiful shine. This also contains argan oil and will moisturise your hair in the long run.
Again with the crazy hair repairing obsession :p This is the Lucido-L Hair Treatment Water. I use this if when I wake up and my hair is really frizzy and dry.. I spray this on and brush my hair out. It tames it and straightens it too! It also makes my hair look a lot healthier. Love it!
This Decleor Aroma Cleanse Duo came in my LilacBox Feb 2013. I love these so much! I’ve finished both the bottles and I WANT a fullsize!!! The cleanser makes my face feel fresh and squeaky clean. The lotion makes my face matte and smells so nice! AHH love them.
I love this Ronasutra 2in1 Mineral Foundation. It came in my Wonderbox Jan 2013. I use it as powder to set my foundation and it works beautifully. It keeps my skin matte and makes my foundation last longer. The only downside to this is that it is a loose powder and can be very messy during application.
Lastly, is a random favourite of mine! This is the Bath & Body Works Island Margarita Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel. This smells so nice! This has like little blue particles suspended in it that I find so cute and it dissolves when you rub it between your palms!! (Am I weird or what?) This hand sanitizer isn’t sticky like the others that I’ve used before.
That concludes my February Favourites of 2013! Thank you for reading! 🙂
What products have you been loving??

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