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Last week, I got an email from Tammy on behalf of Amante Nail Spa & Body Care, Klang to invite me to get my nails done. Being the ol’ me who hasn’t had a manicure done (no kidding), I jumped at the opportunity! They were also nice enough and asked me to bring my BFF in which I brought my Mum because she is my BFF! 🙂
BTW, while I was there, I saw that they had a BUY 1 GET 1 FREE deal; which you bring a friend to enjoy the same service as you but only pay for 1 person!
So I got to choose either the Nailtek Manicure or Pedicure Spa. I did the Manicure & my Mum did the Pedicure. I took lots and lots of pictures for you guys to enjoy! So I’ll talk about my experience and the procedures at Amante and spam you with lots of pictures!
When I first walk in, the atmosphere is welcoming, inviting and warm. The soft music playing in the background is enough to relax my mind like.. “just get away from life a bit & enjoy”, ya know. There’s a huge selection of colours and I was torn between so many colours! Read till the end to see what I picked! 🙂 If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen it already.
The service place itself was romantically lit: Dim, soft and decorated beautifully. Great ambience overall. It was very relaxing; especially with the lighting and the aromatic smell. The staff were all really friendly and the service was awesome.
Ok.. time to get started with the manicure *annoying, high-pitched squeal*
No wait.. pictures first :p
Ok.. let the “prettifying my hands” BEGIN!!!
Firstly, a scrub was applied to my entire arm to get rid of dead skin and to brighten my arm. I know it looks disgusting because I don’t use scrubs that often.. if not at all :p YUCK. Anyway, that’s Jasz: pretty girl who did my manicure. She’s so friendly and she explained all the steps as we progressed.
This is the worst picture ever.. but basically, Jasz applied some lotion on arm to brighten the skin and the mitten-looking thing I’m wearing on my hand is actually a heat wrap that is used to steam the arm to open pores and allow for easy absorption. If you can see, my hand was also wrapped in saran wrap to prevent any product loss.
Look how glossy my hand looks!! A mask is applied to my hands that smells a lot like my Cucumber face mask. Yumyum! The colour kind of matched my nail polish that I had on before. This mask is used to brighten and to remove fine lines.
Are you ready to see the power of this mask, guys?! 
……….. *drumroll*
TADAA!! Holy moly. Are you seeing this?! The fine lines on my hand (esp. on the knuckle area) is so much less visible! And my hand looked glowy and radiant. I think I need this mask ok? But I know I’ll be too lazy to use it. :p 
My sloppy nail polish application was then removed and since my nails were so short (boohoo!), they didn’t need clipping. Then my nails were filed to rounded edges. The next step was removing all the dead skin around my cuticles (THERE WAS A LOT!) which unfortunately I couldn’t take a picture of because my other hand was in the mask. After that, Grape Seed Oil was added to my arm to moisturise and to help my skin stay younger-looking.
My hands has never looked this pretty! Especially my cuticles!! Now it’s time to paint the nails!! So.. what colour have I chosen??!
OPI’s Ogre The-Top Blue from the Shrek collection. In indoor lighting, it is a teal colour whereas in natural sunlight, it is a pretty pool water blue. I wanted something fun and bright and oh my gosh, I think I’m in love with this colour. I really want to get it, but O.P.I.. WHY ARE YOU SO EXPENSIVE IN MALAYSIA?! 
Let dry under fan and all done! Natural lighting cannot get better than this :p
That was my manicure done in Amante Nail Spa, and I love it! After three days, the manicure is still going strong with no chipping. I am very satisfied! I think it was an amazing experience and I would definitely go back! I’m going to be making an appointment for my sister and I when she comes back. 
Nailtek Manicure Spa – RM85
Nailtek Pedicure Spa – RM95
But like I said, they are now having Buy 1 Get 1 Free deal!
They also offer nail art (which start at RM3/nail) and acrylics. Other than that, they also have a variety of body spas and massages available. 
My manicure was complimentary. All opinions are honest and my own. I’m not getting paid for this. This is not a sponsored post.
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  • wow nice review Jia! i like all your pictures.. and can't wait for Part 2!!! i wonder what pics u will show?

    I'm definitely becoming more interested in trying that greenish mask thingy.. it's the Nailtek Mask for anti wrinkle 😀

  • Yes! for the best result, using Nail Tek Skin Polish to remove the dead skin cell once a week and replenish Nail Tek Advance Hydration Hand Treatment Creme everyday. The greenish mask do it once a week. you can see your hand rejuvenation and look younger……^^@

  • Haha thanks! In Part 2, it will be my mum's pedicure pics and also random pics of the atmosphere and stuff. Thanks for reading 🙂

  • I'm such a lazy person to do all that 🙁 But it will be my SUPER LATE New Year's Resolution hahahaha! Thanks for reading 🙂

  • Wow your nails look so good AFTER even though the nail shape didn't really change! Think it's the way they apply it.

  • Yes! I was kinda bummed that my nails were to short to shape but when I saw how it turned out, I really liked it! Haha 🙂 Thanks for reading 🙂