DIY Honey Sugar Lip Scrub

DIY Honey Sugar Lip Scrub
I used to always say to myself, “I hate my dark, dull and chapped lips! Totally not cute! Lush Bubblegum Scrub.. yum! But it’s totally not worth the money!!” If you find yourself feeling this way too, you’ve come to the right place! Today’s post is a super easy, 3 step DIY Honey Sugar Lip Scrub!
I researched for tons and tons of recipes and finally settled for this one because it was the easiest to make, haha! It’s also super cheap to make and takes little to no time. This lip scrub smells like honey and tastes so good. A small tub of this usually lasts me a good 5-8 uses (2 weeks).

Difficulty: Super simple!

Time: Less than 5 minutes


DIY Honey Sugar Lip Scrub
What You’ll Need:
Measuring Spoon
Empty Container
Honey of any kind! – 1/4 teaspoon
Sugar – 1 teaspoon
Do NOT substitute sugar with salt because salt can be very harsh!
Please take note that my container is a small sample tub. If you’re using a bigger tub, you want to use more honey and sugar. Just remember, the sugar to honey ratio has to be 4:1 (e.g: 4 teaspoon of sugar to 1 teaspoon of honey.) 
DIY Honey Sugar Lip Scrub
DIY Honey Sugar Lip Scrub

Step 1

Measure 1 teaspoon of sugar into your container. I used two 1/2 teaspoon spoons because the 1 teaspoon spoon is too big for the small container and might mess up my table.
DIY Honey Sugar Lip Scrub
DIY Honey Sugar Lip Scrub

Step 2

So, like I said.. Remember the 4:1 sugar-honey ratio. Since I put in 1 teaspoon of sugar, I used 1/4 teaspoon of honey.  If you used 4 teaspoons of sugar, you’d use 1 teaspoon of honey. Stir this mixture until all the sugar is covered with honey.
DIY Honey Sugar Lip Scrub
DIY Honey Sugar Lip Scrub

Step 3

Test your product on the back of your hand. If it is too harsh and grainy, add a little bit of honey. If it’s too runny and not exfoliating, add a little bit more sugar. I like mine in between, not too runny and not too grainy so the 4:1 ratio works for me every time!
DIY Honey Sugar Lip Scrub
When you let the product sit for awhile, the sugar will settle to the bottom, leaving the honey on top. I still haven’t found a way to correct that, but that isn’t a huge problem to me. I just dig my finger deeper and get the sugar, haha.
Use this once every 2-3 days. If you have sensitive lips and it is too harsh for you, use it once a week. I use it before going to bed. Do NOT scrub too hard or it will burn! Wash it off with water or wipe off with a washcloth. You CAN lick it off, but you would be eating your dead skin. Follow with a moisturising lip balm! You will be able to see the dullness/darkness and dry skin go away after a few uses.
I hope this super quick DIY Honey Sugar Lip Scrub was helpful to you, and saves you a couple of $$$!
Say byebye to dull, flaky lips and hello to pink, healthy lips!
  • Interesting! I suffer from dry lips since I was little, I think this really gonna help. ;))

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  • I have made this before with brown sugar, it works well.

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    can mix those ingredients with lemon juice too?

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  • Mia-Sehana

    How long does it last?

    • This usually lasts me about two weeks! If you want to keep yours for longer, since it is homemade and has no preservatives, I would suggest storing it in the fridge. 🙂