I think it’s necessary to say that: No, this is NOT sponsored and I bought everything with my own money. 🙂
Hello gorgeous(es? LOL). I’m starting a new segment called “Brand Spotlight” (BS? hahaha) where I show you my collection of the products I own from a particular brand. I will also highlight what I love about the brand in general and what products are my favourites. These type of posts might be a little lengthy though :p
So today’s Brand Spotlight features a brand that is well-known in Asia and also some parts of the US- Etude House! 
In the recent months/year?, I’ve gotten so into Etude House because of two reasons. The main reason is because my cousin is obsessed with Etude House and we’ve been shopping together A LOT. The other reason is because the nearest Etude House store used to be an hour’s drive away but last year, opened in a mall 15 minutes from my house. 
Here are all the products I have from Etude House!
My Recommendations/Favourites:
1. Wonder Pore Freshner (RM79.80)
This was a recent addition to my stash. This is a HUGE bottle that will probably last me quite a while… Basically, it’s just a 7in1 freshener. It contains beneficial properties for pores. 
1. Deep cleanses pores
2. Maintain pH4.5 ± 1
3. Control large amount of sebum
4. Minimise appearance of pores
5. Refine skin tone
6. Keep elasticity of pores
7. Moisturise inside and outside of skin
2. Mascara Remover (Price unavailable)

This is a sample size that I got with a purchase but it’s a pretty big bottle. This has lasted me a really long time and I use this to remove all my eye makeup eventhough it’s a “mascara remover”. It removes waterproof makeup really easily. The only downside is that, this is an oil-based remover which I absolutely despise but it’s ok.. it’s so amazing that I’ll let that slide :p
3. Missing U Lip Balm (RM35.90)
I think this is the Eagle Owl one. This has a peach scent. This is the closest (and better) we can get to the EOS lipbalms which are NOT AVAILABLE here in Malaysia. Haha i think it’s so cute. 😀 It smells really good and it moisturises really well too! Doesn’t help that it’s so adorable :p
4. Lovely Cookie Blusher (#7 Rose Sugar Macaron) (RM39.90)
Why name a blush after something so salivating!!! WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME! This is a really nice berry blush with subtle gold shimmer. This looks amazing on medium to deep skin tones. The subtle golden shimmer gives you a highlight to your face.
Other Products in my Collection:
5. Silk Scarf Moist Hair Mist (Discontinued)

This is the first thing that I ever got from Etude House because my cousin was so interested in it and there was a promotion about a buy 2 get 20% off or something like that. I was also starting to get into taking care of my hair so I was on board. At first I used to think it smelled good but now, it gives me headaches because the fragrance is so strong. I don’t really use it much anymore.
6. Oh My God! Dry Shampoo (Price unavailable)
I bought this dry shampoo because I wanted one with a spray instead of my LUSH No Drought (which is a normal bottle powder form). This acts as both a hair fragrance AND as a dry shampoo. The downside to this, is ALSO, the scent.. which is similar to the Hair Mist. This has so little product in it! 
7. Glitter Nail Polish Trio
I got this awhile back. It consists of three nail polish: one subtle shimmer topcoat, one chunky glitter topcoat and one iridescent glitter topcoat. As you can see in the picture, I’m almost out of the subtle shimmer one, it’s BEEYOUUTIFULLLL! haha.. what? Beautiful! I don’t like the chunky one though; you have to fish the glitters.
8. More Nail Polishes! (RM9.90, RM9.90, RM19.90 respectively)
One matte baby pink, one topcoat and one glitter topcoat! LOVE the glitter topcoat!
What I LOVE about Etude House:

Their packaging is like the cutest I’ve seen so far. The whole shop is really girly and fun. Other than that, I also have good experience with the customer service. The sales people are very helpful and friendly. Most of the products I have work well for me. All-in-all, the whole brand is just awesome! 
That concludes our Brand Spotlight: Etude House post for today! I hope this was helpful, definitely tell me what you guys think in the comments! 
Thanks for reading 🙂
Have you guys tried any Etude House products? What are your favourites?
  • I like this new segment! Btw, you spelled freshner wrong.

  • Thank you! Oh, I thought it was spelled freshener! Thanks for letting me know!

  • I'd love to know the prices too :)) Adore your blog and, even more, your videos. Great post!

  • Ya….appreciate if you could include the prices. Thanks
    I also like Etude House's products..especially their girlish packaging.
    Wonder Pore Freshener sounds good…is it use as cleanser?

  • I'll definitely include that! Thanks for the suggestion! & thanks, that means a lot! 🙂

  • Will do! I use the Freshner as a toner 🙂

  • nice products!

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  • The glitters are abundance, I likey!

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    All of these get from Etude house in malaysia?

  • Yep! 🙂 thanks for stopping by!