The Great Guardian Makeover Event 2013

I’m sorry this post is waaaaaaaay overdue, guys! I lost all the pictures but thankfully, it has been restored!! THANK YOU GOOGLE! Though I have to warn you, the camera probably hated me real bad that day.. most of the pictures turned out blurry/bad.. Hope you guys don’t mind. Good news is, I BOUGHT A NEW CAMERA! 🙂 I always used my cousin’s camera.. because I didn’t have a digital camera.. now I do! 😀
On the 6th of April, last Saturday, I went to The Great Guardian Makeover Event thanks to Butterfly Project – Beauty Bloggers! They are an amazing bunch of people <3 I went there real early and received a goodie bag, which I took to my boyfriend’s car (it was real heavy!)
The brands that participated in the event were: L’Oreal, Maybelline, Alcon, Avene, Bio-Essence, Hada Labo, Blackmores, Neutrogena, Brands, Detoxlim, Nutox, Nivea, O’slee, Palmer’s, ROC & Safi.
Thanks babe for driving me all the way! And well.. being patient for the amount of time I was in the event and also for shooting some pictures! 🙂
This year’s theme is “Just Gorgeous”.
The host, Samson (sp?) started the event and then there was a performance. I thought the performance was really cool.. It was like a “metamorphosis” kind of story. They turned into beautiful butterflies. It was cool. Then, four lucky fans of Guardian’s Facebook Page was given a free makeover and they gave us a little catwalk. They looked absolutely stunning!!
My stylist said that my hair was really hard to backcomb. This is why I always have flat hair!! My hair was also really hard to curl (THIS I KNOW!). I always take really long to curl my hair even at homne. He gave me a pouf & curls! I love it. 

This is my Stylist. All the Hair Stylists & Makeup Artists are from A Cut Above Academy. They’re very professional and I am really happy that he was my stylist. He was so patient with my stubborn hair and didn’t even get angry/frustrated!
Getting my makeup done! She gave me kinda like a darker, smokier look. She also applied winged liner! My makeup artist is so cute! Nohomo. XD
Boyfriend playing with my “pouf” hahaha! 
Aiyo babe, why your face so short one?! :p
Was supposed to go for the Photoshoot and Brunch, but I didn’t because we were rushing off. To make up for it though, I have pictures of things in the goodie bag here for you guys!!
There was also a:
1) Brand’s Prune Essence
2) Blackmores Vitamin Supplement
3) Detoxlim Clenx Tea
Thanks for reading guys! 🙂