♥ Bag of Love “UNZIPPING” Tea Party!

*This post is on the event. My next post will be on what’s in the bag! 🙂
Hi beautifuls! Yesterday was a very important day for us Malaysians, it was our 13th General Elections. I’m underage, therefore ineligible to vote but the day was still super important to me: it was my birthday- YAY! So I thought, what better post to write than a post of the recent party tea party I attended?
Remember my post on how I would love to review April’s Bag of Love & attend the tea party event? I guess my prayers were heard and my wish was granted, woohoo! I would first like to thank Butterfly Project – Beauty Bloggers, Bag of Love & Delectable by Su for this amazing opportunity! 🙂
It was initially called the Bag of Love Unboxing Tea Party.. can you figure out why it was changed? :p
The event was held at Delectable Treats by Su (Paradigm Mall branch!). Yumyum, would you just look at the decor? The whole store was sugary, cutesy themed! Which beauty blogger wouldn’t love this? It’s like the best of both worlds- beauty products + delectables! I know I do 🙂
Check out the dessert table that was set up for us- Tiramisu, Caramelised Nuts, Berry Tartlets, Lollipops and Cupcakes! Then at the table area, there were Macaroons, Cookies.. so many sugary things, mm! 😀
Mi Mi, founder of Bag of Love holding up two cupcakes: the heart one to represent Bag of Love and the butterfly one to represent Butterfly Project – Beauty Bloggers group.
After all the cameras settled down, Tammy made an opening speech but I didn’t get to capture a picture. Then, Mi Mi, the founder of Bag of Love (isn’t she gorgeous!) gave a speech and told us about how and why she started Bag of Love. She also told us about how she picks what products go into the month’s bag by putting herself in her subbies’ shoes. She’s so sweet and friendly! I freaked out (in a good way) a little when I arrived at the event to be greeted by a “Jiawun!!!!” from Mi Mi. I didn’t even think that she would know me *insert Spongebob hyperventilating GIF* HAHA!
Mi Mi was also concerned about the leakage issues from a product in some bags. She asked for our opinions on what to do and how to prevent leakages in future bags. If product leakage happens, she will send a new bag to the person (amazing customer service.. right?). I’m just so blown away by how someone so successful is so friendly and puts her subbies before herself. 
This is Mi Mi (see the resemblance?), the Bag of Love character. She wanted a character for Bag of Love to better interact with her subbies as friends instead of customers.
Then it was time for the unzipping to begin! Excitement filled the room as Mi Mi counted down 3, 2, 1… The second after that, the room was filled with “wow”s and “woah”s and “yay”s. Above is a little sneak peek of what’s in April’s Bag of Love. The post will be up by tomorrow or the day after (You don’t wanna miss this one!)
Now I’ll let the pictures do the talking:
This is me with Yuh Jiun. Sorry about the blurry self-photos. I’m still trying to figure out this camera.
Me with Mi Mi 🙂
I cannot for the life of me find the picture I took with Moon! Sorryyyy! 🙁
To sum up the day, it was fun-filled with beauty chatter, laughs, excitement and of course, delicious treats! It was only my 2nd time going to a bloggers event and my oh my, was it amazing! 
Once again, thanks to Butterfly Project – Beauty Bloggers, Bag of Love & Delectable by Su for making all this possible!
Remember to check back tomorrow for the post of What’s in April’s Bag of Love! Thanks for reading guys ♥
  • Woots I haven't blog about it still :/ hahaha see you at the next event! 😀

  • Hurry up! I wanna read! Hahaha will do 😀

  • Happy birthday! Everything looks so lovely! I have had tea parties with friends at my house before it can be a lot of fun. Great idea to do that for a birthday party.

  • Such a sweet and nice display of treats!

  • That looked like a lot of fun!

  • Thanks! But it wasn't for my birthday. Haha.

  • Yes! It's like heaven!

  • It was!!

  • Yay, morning session! You guys didn't eat the cake either right? LOL

  • Yes! I think a few of them did, hahaha 🙂

  • Such a nice and colorful party there.
    You look pretty esp. on the first photo 😉

  • Yes it was! Thank you so much 🙂

  • Entered the contest but not chosen 🙁

  • Don't worry babe! Butterfly project has many events coming up!