NEW Sasatinnie Nail Treatment Range + GEL Topcoat!

Hello lovelies! Today’s post is on a NEW exciting nail treatment range by Sasatinnie, Sasa’s very own brand. This nail treatment range includes: Nail Recovery, No More Yellow, Heavy Duty Hardener and Calcium Milk Enamel. This post also features Sasatinnie’s new topcoat: the Gel Topcoat.
I was super excited when I saw these in the package that Sasa Malaysia sent me (thank you!) because I’ve just been starting to take care of my nails and I’ve also been wanting to get a Gel Topcoat.
In this post, I am featuring the Sasatinnie Nail Recovery and the Gel Topcoat. As you can see in the pictures down below, I have very brittle nails (hence the chipping and ugly nails).

Picture of Nails Before (BARE)
(Before: Sorry about my disgusting nails)

1.    Sasatinnie Nail Recovery (RM18.90)
Sasatinnie Base Coat

“This treatment is for post-acrylic, damaged nails, it immediately conceals unsightly aspects, thickens and smoothes the nail plate, takes the yellow out and gives a neat finish to the nails. It also contains a patent-pending and medically tested aldehyde that actively hardens and significantly improves the condition of the nails after 4 weeks of regular use.”
Noticeable improvement in my nail condition
Protects nails from stains if worn under nail polish
Smoothes out nail
Helps nail polish last longer
Fast Drying Time
Flattering glossy finish (if worn alone)
Slight air bubbles
2.    Sasatinnie GEL Topcoat (RM18.90)
Without GEL Topcoat:
Picture of OPI Get Your Number Nail Polish
Picture of Get Your Number Nail Polish
(2 coats of OPI Get Your Number)

1 Coat of GEL Topcoat:
Sasatinnie GEL Topcoat
Sasatinnie GEL Top Coat
Picture of AFTER Nails with GEL Topcoat
Picture of Nails after GEL Topcoat

The Sasatinnie Gel Topcoat gives the nails a gel finish (without dangerous UV Lights!). The Gel Topcoat is a thick, glossy topcoat that adds shine & volume to the nails. This Sasatinnie Gel Topcoat boasts 100% Volume & Shine UP!
Adds a BEAUTIFUL shine!
Makes glitter polish look amazing
Add volume (like a second layer, which I find very pretty on the nails)
Makes nail polish last longer
Longer drying time than the typical topcoat
Final Verdict:
SASATINNIE NAIL RECOVERY – I would recommend this if you have brittle nails like I do. It helps smooth out ridges, it dries fast, it looks great on its own & it’s a great base for your nail polishes. Overall, just a great treatment to revive those brittle nails.
(4 out of 5)
SASATINNIE GEL TOPCOAT – This one I would totally recommend! I LOVE this and I think it’s a great addition to anyone’s stash! It definitely beats any normal topcoat that I have as the shine it gives is just BEAUTIFUL. This looks amazing especially on top of glitter polishes as it really brings out the glitter! LOVE LOVE LOVE!
(5 out of 5)

Sasa Malaysia:
  • Super love the gel topcoat! Cos I can't resist anything bling bling XD

  • love your glittery blue nails. like a star.

  • I just loved this color!!

  • Ouu I really like that nail polish!

    xo Maddy | spilledpolish
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  • It is nice and helps emphasise that shine 🙂

  • Thanks 🙂

  • 🙂 Thanks!

  • Thanks 🙂

  • My nails can always use a little more care, I find they are quite peely. Using cuticle oil has helped quite a bit though. This top coat is super shiny! Great reviews.

  • I swear I have been looking for a clear gel topcoat in the stores for months!!!! I'm so excited to know that it actually exists! YAY!!!

  • Yep, haha. You can get it at Sasa outlets or online at 🙂