SWATCH & SEE: Denesy Velvet Manicure Sets!

Hey lovelies! As promised, here is my second post on the nail polishes that I received from SaSa Malaysia (thank you so much!). This post will be on the Denesy Velvet Manicures which will be an awesome edition to those of you who LOVE to try new, fun manicures 🙂
I know I do (I have lots more fun nail posts coming up)!
SaSa Malaysia sent me the yellow one & I bought the grey and green one 🙂

The set contains:
à  A nail polish
à  Two Jars of Velvet Material
à  A brush
1.    Paint 1 coat of base colour on your nails, and let dry.
2.    Paint another coat of the base colour.
3.    While the second coat of nail polish is still wet, use a pair of tweezers to take the velvet material and place an abundant amount of velvet material on the nail.
4.    Using the tweezers (or your fingers), gently press down on the nail to adhere the velvet material to the nail. IMPORTANT: PRESS DOWN ON THE WHOLE NAIL (incl. the tips and sides)

5.    Using the brush provided, gently sweep off the excess velvet material.
6.    And voila! You have a cute & fun manicure! LOVE the fuzziness. :p

RRP: RM21.90/set (at SaSa)
à  Cute, fun and different
à  Looks effortless
à  Little to no drying time needed
à  Comes in a variety of colours (9 colours available!)
à  Affordable
à  They’re really nice to feel (…LOL)
à  Time-consuming
à  Weird-looking when wet (but dries back to its original fuzziness)
Final Verdict:

I do recommend these if you LOVE going a step further with your nail polishes. These definitely show attitude, looks and feels young! I’ve worn them a lot, and I think they’re something fun to wear every once in a while. These are pretty affordable, considering they come in a set with so many things. I would buy more colours (I already have, I only bought the green one, then went back to buy the grey one). It’s a great addition and I really recommend it to everyone wanting to try something new!


(4 out of 5)
Available at SaSa Malaysia!

SaSa Malaysia:
  • Oooh, I've always wanted to try these fuzzy nails! Do they fall off when you wash your hands? I keep wondering about that, lol

  • No, they kind of stick downwards to your nail and ends up looking weird. Then when it's dry, it dries back to its fuzzy self. Haha! I guess over time it probably will fall off.

  • Looks so pretty! I've tried these velvet manicure too and had a tough time removing them HAHA