SWATCH & SEE: Celeb Beaute Nail Patches!

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Hello guys! Last Saturday at the Butterfly Project Spa Party, a fellow blogger said to me, “You blog a lot on nails, huh?” That was when I realised I’ve been doing A TON of “SWATCH & SEE” posts. I guess it’s because I’ve been doing my nails.. A LOT. Today’s post is another Swatch & See post, but do nail foils count as “Swatch”? LOL. I promise there are lots more other makeup posts lined up for you guys 🙂
Celeb Beaute Nail Foils

Celeb Beaute Nail Patches
Five of these packs were sent to me by Shins Malaysia, but I will only be reviewing two: in Red Jaguar & Crystal Slender. 
Buff Nails before Using Nail Foils
Picture of Nail Foils
Picture of Nail Foils
Picture of Nail Foils
Picture of Nail Foils
Picture of Nail Foils
When you are done sticking these, MAKE SURE you use a cuticle pusher to just lightly smooth down on these. I didn’t do that and ended up with a bumpy surface. I only smoothed out the one on my middle finger because I was too lazy, LOL. I’ve learnt my mistake, promise!
RRP: RM29.80 (A pack of 20 nail patches)

You can get these at any SHINS Outlet in Malaysia. They import these nail foils directly from Europe to ensure great quality! Ooh la la!
Variety of Beautiful Designs
Pretty and Unique
No Drying Time Needed
Doesn’t Last as Long 
Final Verdict:
This is something that can turn out beautiful and look like you put a lot of effort into it, but really.. you just stick it on! LOL. I would totally recommend this if you are looking for a quick, beautiful manicure for an event/for a few days. I didn’t smooth it down, so I ended up ripping the edges off. If you smooth it down, it should last a good 4-7 days because the glue is very strong. If you do want it to last more than a few days, remember to put top coat on! I would recommend this if you’re the type of person who likes your manicures to stand out, cause these definitely give your nails that pop and comes in a variety of designs as well 🙂 I would repurchase this in other designs!
(4 out of 5)
Shins Malaysia:
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  • I really like how crystal splendor looks! I have used stick on nails by Kiss and Sally Hansen before, and I love how it looks like you put a lot of effort into it when you really didn't!

  • Thanks! I've never tried the Sally Hansen ones before. They do look like you put a lot of effort into them but we really haven't. Girls and our secrets :p Thanks for reading!

  • i think i know who is that 'fellow blogger', LoL ^^

  • You!! :p haha <3

  • Hey Jiawun, the nail art looks like a big fun for summer, but i guess i would be unsure about getting them wet. But it would def be an eye catcher for a night out.

    Btw thanks for participating in our Friendly Bunch Blog Hop this week.
    Stop by any time again.

  • Hahaha, getting them wet might make them fall off faster. Thanks for reading! 🙂