The Alphabet Challenge: A For Animal Print OOTD!

Introducing.. “The Alphabet Challenge”!
My sister and I decided to start something called “The Alphabet Challenge”. Basically what it is, is a challenge where we have to upload a blog post every Saturday. That’s it??! ..Here’s the catch. We have to come up with a topic that starts with the alphabet of the week (following the A-Z sequence).
For example, this week’s challenge is the alphabet A. For my post today, I will be doing an Animal Print Inspired OOTD. You can do whatever you want, as long as the topic starts with the Letter A. Next week we’ll move on to B, then C, and so on.
If you’re interested in joining our challenge, email me at [email protected]. Send in your name and your blog. Every Friday, I will be sending out the Link up tool HTML to your email so make sure you check it often. You will have 3 days to link up on the linky tool! 
Without further ado, lets hop into my very first “The Alphabet Challenge” post featuring the letter “A”.
I love animal prints, I really do, even though you don’t see me wear it often.. but that’s because I feel that mixing the wrong patterns together is just a total disaster (to me, at least). 
I love wearing casual clothes that are comfortable yet looks like I’ve put effort into it. 
CARDIGAN: Charlotte Russe ($24.99)
This cardigan is currently out of stock.
I love wearing cardigans even when it’s super hot outside (girls and their arm insecurities LOL). I love this cardigan because like I said, I’m a total animal print fan. I am also a HUGE fan of neon colours. Animal Print + Neon? I’m sold.
TOP: Charlotte Russe (Price unavailable)
I really like this white ruffle top. It’s very flowy and I love the way it looks. It’s very casual but also very feminine. Best part is, the ruffles really help hide my food baby. :p
I pretty much pair anything with a pair of shorts. I LOVE these shorts, I have a bajillion pairs of them even though they’re just plain jean shorts. They are super comfy and casual. Sadly, they do not have a website that you can purchase from 🙁
NECKLACE: Forever21
I really love this necklace because it gives my whole outfit an edgy look. It’s beautiful and definitely a statement necklace!
I couldn’t find the necklace on the F21 website for some reason. I found this one on their website though: it’s quite different but that’s the closest I could find. There is one from House of Harlow, which is more similar but the price tag is $68, yikes! 
Thanks for reading, xoxo
  • Cute outfit!


  • This is a cute idea for a series! I can't wait to see what topics you come up with. Loving the animal print.

  • Thanks girl 🙂

  • Thank you! Definitely come join in as well! 🙂

  • What a cool idea! I'd be in on it but I'm a tad worried since it's more than half a year commitment, hehe.

    This is actually my first time on your blog, came to support and help you reach your 500 target. I'm… nowhere near that in GFC, LOL. I guess any new reader is appreciated.

  • No problem girl! You can join in anytime throughout the challenge 🙂 Thanks for supporting <3