Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencil Stash


Sin is a frosty champagne colour similar to their own Urban Decay Sin Powder Eyeshadow. It is a cool-toned colour with pink undertones.
♡  Juju is a frosty medium brown colour that looks taupe in certain angles. It is a very cool-toned colour.
♡  Rehab is a dark brown colour that reflects a little bit of taupe.
Clash is a bright, shimmer teal blue colour.
Delinquent is a deep, royal purple- eggplant colour. 

When I first used this, I fell in love with them because they were so creamy and super easy to blend. The colours were absolutely gorgeous and they didn’t crease after a day of wear. They were long-lasting and didn’t smudge or fade. My sister complimented me on how it looks on.
UNFORTUNATELY and very sad to say, after using this for the third time it dried out really bad. I capped it VERY tightly but it still dried out after each use. After that, each time I use this, I have to draw on my hand until the colour actually comes off. Then it just became really hard to blend and looked really harsh on the eyes. It applied very patchily and started to crease and fade after two hours. It was just… bad.
Retail Price: $34 for 5 x 0.088oz.
Dries out after few uses
Not blendable
Creases and fades
Final Verdict
I definitely wouldn’t recommend this to anyone at all. The first time you use it will be amazingly smooth and heavenly. The next few times will be meh… it’s okay.. and then after that, it’ll just be dreadful to use! I really love Urban Decay products, but this just.. no. I just wished it stayed the way it was on the first use. Not just that, it’s also freaking pricey!
(1 out of 5)
This is not a sponsored review. My sister bought me this as a gift.
  • Gorgeous colours but so sorry to hear that they dry out!


  • Clash is gorgeous. I wonder how these would compare tho the NYX pencils. To bad you had trouble with them drying out.

  • The colour is really nice. Nice post dear ^_^


  • Thanks!

  • What a great idea! I'll plan a post 🙂 Thanks for reading girl <3

  • They are indeed gorgeous colours! Thanks for reading 🙂

  • I didn't know that UD 24/7 pencil stash would be such a disappointment! I bought their eye primer and trust me, it doesn't work at all! I still have creases on my eyes after application!
    Anyway, I highly recommend NYX jumbo cuz it's really nice to use and sayang my purse very much 😀

  • I love all the colours you picked, especially clash! I'm following you on GFC and bloglovin!:)

    Belle Epoque

  • I love the Primer Potion, though! Its my favorite eye primer so far.


  • Yeah, the NYX ones get a lot of positive reviews so a comparison post would be awesome. I just bought the whole collection so you can pick whichever ones you want except Milk because that was out of stock, lol.


  • I am actually scared to start using mine again after storing it for two months. I used to use Sin as an eyeshadow base for my everyday look, and it worked amazingly so I really hope that mine didnt dry out as well.


  • I hate when products dry out, but the blue is beautiful!

  • I do love the Primer Potion too. :/ But these were a huge disappointment. I do love my NYX Jumbo Pencil 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  • Mehehehehe! Let me know if yours dried out.

  • Thanks 🙂

  • Me too 🙁 It really is a brilliant colour.

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