Vanity Trove x Kose: July ’13

*PR samples
Hey guys! It’s the end of July and I was just thinking to myself, “phew! July was busyyyy” and then I realised that I haven’t put up this post about Vanity Trove x Kose July box yet. Apologies for the super late post, but here we go!
If you don’t know what Vanity Trove is, it is a Malaysian beauty box subscription service that delivers 6-8 deluxe beauty treats to your doorstep at the revised price of RM50/box. You can now personalise your troves and choose the samples to receive based on your skin, body and hair. Click here to check out my blog post to find out more.
This month’s box is really exciting because Vanity Trove has teamed up with Kose to bring us an all-exclusive Kose box filled with all Kose products! Kose Beauty is a high-end Japanese brand loved by many people all around the globe.

Every month, I get so happy when I receive my Vanity Trove box because it means I have another storage for my makeup! As always, I love the Vanity Trove box! It’s a drawer-like pull out box that is great for re-using and storing your beauty hoards.
Are you ready to see the products? 🙂

When I first opened the box, truth be told, I was very disappointed. I saw like, 4 products and I was thinking to myself, “doesn’t VT promise 6-8 samples in every box?” and I was confused. But when I got home (it was sent to my mum’s shop) and really looked into the box, I found two more products buried under the yellow stuff(? lol). I was disappointed that VT didn’t put more thought into that. It would be better if they arranged it properly and taped down the bottoms (haha bottom :p) so it doesn’t budge as much. But it all comes down to the products, doesn’t it? So lets get cracking!

1) Pure Advance Oil Cleansing Gel (RM119 for 120g)
Step One- Massage a cherry-size of this cleansing gel to face and neck. Rinse thoroughly.
This gel cleanser is very gentle. It is an oil-based cleanser that smoothes over the face really nicely to remove makeup and dirt. After rinsing this through, I can feel a little bit of an oily residue on my face, but it feels moisturising. So I wouldn’t recommend using this during the day time. If you want to though, definitely follow through with Step Two!

2) Pure Advance Clear Up Wash (RM99 for 120g)
Step Two- Lather up a sufficient amount of this cleanser with wet palms and then massage on face. Rinse thoroughly.
This is an awesome product, I love this! It lathers up wonderfully to a milky texture and bubbles. It smells amazing, it lathers up well, but it’s not drying. Using step one and step two together definitely balances your face really well. After using this, it gives that clean feeling to the face without being drying. Definite love!

3) Pure Advance Essence Lotion II (RM169 for 160ml)
Step Three- Dab a sufficient amount onto a cotton pad or your palms and gently pat on face.
This essence lotion contains natural essences that really help boost your skin’s moisture. I love how this soaks into my skin really fast, so you can feel like it’s really working. It doesn’t feel heavy or sticky on the face (as long as you don’t use too much!) and smells amazing (the whole range does!). This will hydrate and revive your dull, dry and tired skin!

4) Pure Advance Serum II (RM169 for 120ml)
Step Four- Massage a sufficient amount onto your face.
I was very confused with this serum and the lotion. The serum has a lotion texture and the lotion has a serum texture LOL. I like this serum more than I like the lotion because it a really thick consistency therefore it really helps protect your skin from losing it’s moisture. This is good for people with combination skin (like me!) because it balances out the oil and water content on your face. This is a very thick lotion, and I was surprised that it felt so light on the skin.. doesn’t feel like you’ve caked on a bunch of stuff.

5) Pure Advance Eye Jelly (RM180 for 20g)
Step Five- Use a small amount on your ring finger and gently pat on eye area.
I won’t lie.. I haven’t actually tried this. I get very turned off (lol) by sample satchets. I wish this came in a little pot :/

6) Deep Protection UV (RM118 for 30g)
Step 6- Apply evenly across the face and neck.
I’ve used this twice or thrice. Not my favourite product from the range really. I’ll start with the strong points of this product. It has a really high SPF of 50, so that’s good. I also really like how this smell because it doesn’t have that typical “sunscreen smell”. It has a slight fragrance that smells light and fresh. What I don’t like about this product is that it looks too shiny on my face and that’s bad because I have oily skin on my T-Zone area. This would work better for you if you have dry skin. It would really brighten up your whole face.. not for me though.
Total Value of My Box:
Cleansing Gel: RM119  ÷ 120 x 10 = RM9.92
Clear Up Wash: RM99 ÷ 120 x 9.6 = RM7.92
Essence Lotion: RM169 ÷ 160 x 30 = RM31.69
Serum: RM169 ÷ 120 x 30 = RM42.25
Eye Jelly: RM180 ÷ 20 x 1 = RM9.00
UV Protection: RM118 ÷ 30 x 8.9 = RM35.00

Total Value: RM135.78

Final Verdict
I am pretty impressed with this box. The only thing I would improve is the sample satchet, I really hate those LOL. Everything smells good and works for me except the UV Protection. I have been a lover of Kose Makeup products and am really glad I was able to try out their skincare. For the RM50 you pay, you get RM135.78 worth of products. That’s more than two times!
Vanity Trove:
Thanks for reading, xoxo
  • I've never tried Kose before.

  • You should! I LOVE their makeup and starting to like their skincare products too! <3