Wild Ferns KIWIFRUIT Body Wash & Body Lotion

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Hey lovelies! About a month or so ago, Wild Ferns contacted me and a bunch of other bloggers about reviewing their KIWIFRUIT Body Wash & Lotion. My post is a little behind but that is because I’ve just really been trying it out.. My body wash is already almost half gone!
All the reviews that I’ve read on this product are all good reviews. I will write my review based on my personal experience after using these for about a month.
WILD FERNS is a natural skincare brand from New Zealand. Inspired by New Zealand, every range in their brand has an ingredient that is derived from New Zealand. They are all made in New Zealand. WILD FERNS does not test on animals and are packaged in environmentally-friendly packaging. With over 20 years of providing quality skincare products, WILD FERNS is the way to go if you’re looking for an al-naturale brand.

1. Light ‘n’ Luscious Body Wash (RM78 for 250ml)

– A refreshing bath and shower gel containing the beneficial properties and sweet fragrance of Kiwifruit.
– Kiwifruit contains a natural enzyme which acts as a gentle exfoliant to remove dry skin cells leaving your skin soft, smooth and refreshed. *extracted from Wild Ferns
This body wash has a thick gel consistency. It does not lather but it smoothes well over the skin, which I really like. The enzyme from the kiwifruit and also the kiwi seeds found in the body wash exfoliates and moisturises my skin, leaving it smooth. This shower gel feels very gentle to the skin, you don’t feel that it’s stripping away your body’s moisture.  I really like using this shower gel because it gives a very light and fresh scent. The scent does linger for a while, making you smell sweet for hours. 
(5 out of 5)
2. Silky Smooth Body Lotion (RM78 for 250ml)

– A deeply hydrating body lotion containing a blend of Kiwifruit Oil and Sweet Almond Oil.
– Contains high levels of Vitamin E to optimise skin moisture, and antioxidants for protection from the harsh environment.
– Moisturises and softens dry and thirsty skin.
This is a very creamy body lotion but yet it has a watery consistency to it. It absorbs very fast and well into the skin to effectively moisturise and quench the skin. It’s a very light-weight and fresh body lotion that doesn’t leave an oily or sticky feeling to your skin. I love using this during the night time when I’m sleeping because air-conditioning can be very harsh and can strip your skin of moisture. This also makes me smell amazing all night long :3

(5 out of 5)

I absolutely love both these products but I also LOVE their Manuka Honey Conditioning Nail Creme that I got from my March ’13 Wonderbox.
For more info on where to buy Wild Ferns products:
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  • kiwi is such a nice smell, I really want to try this out!

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  • Hey Jiawun, thanks for the introduction to such interesting products. I have never seen this brand before. I love the fact that the body wash contains the kiwi seeds. I would def try it. Big plus for not testing the products on animals!!

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  • You definitely should! I'm a huge fan of cruelty-free products too 🙂