REVIEW: Benefit Fine One One

Hi there! Today’s post features one of many innovative products from Benefit- the Fine-One-One! When it first came out, it took over the beauty blogosphere like storm.. because it was a pretty cool concept. And then it just went all quiet. Hmm.. is this something you would continue loving and using after it stops being just “cool”? Should you really call Fine-One-One (pun of 911, haha) in case of emergencies (beauty emergencies, that is)? 
Benefit Fine One One
Note the question mark instead of an exclamation mark. :p
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Benefit Fine One One
“Fine-one-one to the rescue! This sheer brightening cheek & lip color gives your look instant LIFT, SHAPE and POP. Glide on the three shadesโ€”pink champagne, sheer watermelon and soft coralโ€”for a sheer coral pink flush that builds from soft & natural to bright & cheery.”  – Extracted from

Benefit Fine One One
Swatch of Benefit Fine One One
The Fine-One-One is a product that twists up to reveal three different layers of product which you’re supposed to swipe together on your cheeks and blend with your fingers. From what I could tell, it dries to a powder finish.

Pink Champagne: The lightest pinkish-white colour comes off as a little gold that is used as a highlight shade. It has a pretty, pearly finish.
Sheer Watermelon: This watermelon pink is the most pigmented and brightest among the three.
Soft Coral: This coral-orange colour is the least pigmented out of all. It gives a very soft and sheer pop of orange.

Benefit Fine One One on Cheeks
Indoor lights with flash.

Benefit Fine One One on Cheeks
Natural Sunlight from big window.
In the two pictures above, I swiped ONCE on both my cheeks, starting from the apples to the temples and blended it out with my finger. It gives a very soft, pink blush. It looks dewy and radiant, but not to the point where it looks oily. It is a very sheer blush, so one swipe gives a very natural, radiant look to the skin.
Benefit Fine One One on Cheeks
Natural sunlight from big window.

Benefit Fine One One on Cheeks
Natural sunlight from big window.
For the two pictures above, I swiped once more (making it TWICE) on my cheeks and the colour definitely starts to build up, but it still looks very natural. If you want more of a doll-face look, definitely go for two swipes because it gives the most beautiful rosy blush on your face.
Retail Price: US$30/RM115- available at Benefit counters and Sephora
I love that it gives a very natural flush to the face and also highlights the cheekbones to give you radiant-looking skin. It’s a pretty flat and small product that’s easy to throw into your makeup bag to use when your face looks dull. It’s very easy to use, you don’t even need a mirror. When you’re feeling down and your face looks dull, just call the Fine-One-One and swipe it on your cheeks and blend. The colour is a beautiful rosy colour that will work on any skintone. 
I’ve taken a few pictures to demonstrate the only reason I don’t like this product. Hope you like it :p
Benefit Fine One One on Cheeks
Me: Whoops, my skin is looking dull on this sunny day! Somebody save me! 
Little voice: No worries! Fine-One-One to the rescue! *swipe*

Benefit Fine One One on Cheeks
Little voice: Now just blend it out with your fingers and you’ll look super radiant and have a beautiful rosy flush!
Me: Wow! Thank you Fine-One-One! You’re my hero! <3

Benefit Fine One One
Me: Hmm.. this seems like an easy-to-use product. I love it! I think I’ll use it every single day! *twists product down*

Benefit Fine One One
Benefit Cosmetics Fine One One
Me: Oh no! *OCD* I left fingerprints all over the packaging!! 
Lol, okay that was a very failed “story”. Basically, after blending the product in with your fingers- some excess products stick to your fingers and then you go and twist the product down. Then, you get it all over the packaging! That personally just annoys me a lot. I hate it when my makeup products get dirty. And this means I have to wipe it off every. single. time. I use this.
The colour is beautiful and it works very well. It can liven up your face in an instant.. BUT the packaging part is a real huge turn off for me. If you guys don’t mind getting fingerprints on your packaging, then this will definitely be no problem for you. I guess I would recommend it even though I absolutely hate how dirty it makes my product because other than that, it really is an amazing blush + highlighter all in once. Who doesn’t want radiant skin in one swipe? I still love this product and I use it a lot but I just have to wipe it off after each use.
(4 out of 5)
Thanks for reading, xoxo
I bought this product with my own money. This is not a sponsored post.