The Alphabet Challenge #6: F for Fan Brush Manicure!

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Hiya girls! It’s time for The Alphabet Challenge Week 6!! This week’s letter is “F” and I wanted to experiment with the fan brush manicure. This is my first time ever doing a fan brush manicure and I was hoping it would turn out better than it did.. so this week’s letter F, is for Fan Brush Manicure and F is also for Failed Attempt. LOL.
Nail Polishes I used:
Base coat: Seche Clear Crystal Clear Base Coat
Top coat: Sasatinnie GEL Topcoat (Review here)
All the Nail Polishes I used in this Manicure
Pistachio Green: Etude House Ice Cream Nails in Green Apple
Pink: TheFaceShop PK102 (Review here)
Lilac: Saxby Polish (Review here)
White: Elianto White
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Fan Brush Manicure
Fan Brush Manicure
Fan Brush Manicure
Fan Brush Manicure
I love this design because I think it looks so unique. It looks like watercolour on your nails and it is super easy and quick to do! I did this design in under 5 minutes. I love that this design is so versatile because you can switch the colour up to change the “feel” and overall look of the polish: you could use darker colours for a more classy and elegant look; you could use brighter colours (like I did!) for a fun, bright summer manicure 🙂
If my memory serves me correctly, I first saw this nail design on Neverland Nail Blog. When I saw it, I instantly wanted to do it but I don’t know what took me so long! LOL. I’m happy that I tried it out and I am looking forward to play around with the colours to get the perfect fan brush manicure.
This manicure is definitely not for everyone.. What do you think about this design? Would you rock it or steer clear of it? Let me know! 🙂
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  • love this design, those colours look so good together, have to try it out! 🙂

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  • so nicee! tutorial to do please! 😀

  • I am actually planning one! 🙂 I took step-by-step photos while doing this manicure. Stay tuned and thanks for the request <3

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  • awesome nails! I might try this with darker shades 😀 ehehehe thanks for this post!

  • Yes! It would look super pretty. Tweet me a pic when you do! Thanks for reading 🙂