GEO Super Angel Brown Circle Lenses + INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Hi there, everyone! Today I am going to be reviewing a pair of Geo Super Angel Brown circle lenses courtesy of YourBeautyMagic. YourBeautyMagic is a super new website that sells authentic GEO lenses at super affordable prices.

A few weeks ago, I was looking for a great pair of circle lenses because I kinda miss the effect that they give- they really brighten up and enlarge my otherwise small and tired-looking eyes. As if they could read my mind, Sam from YourBeautyMagic contacted me about reviewing one pair of GEO lenses of my choice and of course, I jumped at the opportunity!

What's more AWESOME- he agreed to host a giveaway on my blog and one of you lucky readers will be the new owner of A PAIR of ANY lenses from YourBeautyMagic. If you want to join the giveaway, read till the end :)

GEO Super Angel Brown - No Flash Indoors
I chose the GEO Super Angel Brown circle lenses because for my first pair, I didn't want something crazy bright yet. I will definitely get bright colour ones soon.

More pictures and review after the jump!

GEO Super Angel Brown
GEO Super Angel Brown 
 When they reached me, I immediately went on to Geo's website, which by the way, is to check if these were authentic and THEY ARE!

GEO Super Angel Brown
GEO Super Angel Brown - No Makeup
GEO Super Angel Brown - No Flash Natural Light
GEO Super Angel Brown - No Flash Natural Lighting
GEO Super Angel Brown - No Flash Indoors
GEO Super Angel Brown - No Flash Indoors
GEO Super Angel Brown - No Flash Indoors
GEO Super Angel Brown - No Flash Artificial Light
GEO Super Angel Brown - No Flash Direct Light

As you can see above, I've included a couple of pictures in different lighting situations so you can have a clearer picture of how these look like. 

These are available at YourBeautyMagic for ONLY $19! They ship internationally.

GEO Super Angel Brown
DESIGN- I love the design on these because the outer black rim really does help enlarge the eye A LOT and the inner brown design makes my eyes look shiny and "watery", in return, making my eyes appear brighter and larger!

WATER CONTENT & COMFORT- These were very comfortable on me (as a frequent contact lens wearer).. they feel exactly like my monthly disposable prescription contact lenses. If you're not a contact lens wearer then it would definitely feel weird (so will all other contact lenses!) when you first wear it. Because of my dry eyes though, even with the 38% water content, I had to blink quite a lot in order to not dry out my eyes (after 3-4 hours of wear, which you should soon take them out! Never, EVER wear circle lenses the entire day!)

GEO Super Angel Brown
DIAMETER & ENLARGEMENT- At 14.8mm, they are definitely not the lenses with the widest diameter BUT the enlarging effect is awesome! 

PRICE- At the price of $19 at YourBeautyMagic, it's definitely the cheapest GEO lenses that I've come across (that's not saying much because I don't look around for lenses THAT much). It won't break the bank because these are yearly disposable and come in vials. So basically, $19 for a year- it's a pretty good deal.

GEO Super Angel Brown Grading


YourBeautyMagic was awesome enough to sponsor a giveaway where ONE of you will win a pair of ANY lenses from YourBeautyMagic! The winner will also get a contact lens case AND A MYSTERY GIFT! What's better- this is open internationally so anyone can enter :)

The only things that you have to do is to "Like" Beauty Nerd By Night & Your Beauty Magic on Facebook.

Your Beauty Magic:

Thanks for reading, xoxo 

Products are sent for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own.

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