GEO Super Angel Brown Circle Lenses + INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Hi there, everyone! Today I am going to be reviewing a pair of Geo Super Angel Brown circle lenses courtesy of YourBeautyMagic. YourBeautyMagic is a super new website that sells authentic GEO lenses at super affordable prices.

A few weeks ago, I was looking for a great pair of circle lenses because I kinda miss the effect that they give- they really brighten up and enlarge my otherwise small and tired-looking eyes. As if they could read my mind, Sam from YourBeautyMagic contacted me about reviewing one pair of GEO lenses of my choice and of course, I jumped at the opportunity!

What's more AWESOME- he agreed to host a giveaway on my blog and one of you lucky readers will be the new owner of A PAIR of ANY lenses from YourBeautyMagic. If you want to join the giveaway, read till the end :)

GEO Super Angel Brown - No Flash Indoors
I chose the GEO Super Angel Brown circle lenses because for my first pair, I didn't want something crazy bright yet. I will definitely get bright colour ones soon.

More pictures and review after the jump!

GEO Super Angel Brown
GEO Super Angel Brown 
 When they reached me, I immediately went on to Geo's website, which by the way, is to check if these were authentic and THEY ARE!

GEO Super Angel Brown
GEO Super Angel Brown - No Makeup
GEO Super Angel Brown - No Flash Natural Light
GEO Super Angel Brown - No Flash Natural Lighting
GEO Super Angel Brown - No Flash Indoors
GEO Super Angel Brown - No Flash Indoors
GEO Super Angel Brown - No Flash Indoors
GEO Super Angel Brown - No Flash Artificial Light
GEO Super Angel Brown - No Flash Direct Light

As you can see above, I've included a couple of pictures in different lighting situations so you can have a clearer picture of how these look like. 

These are available at YourBeautyMagic for ONLY $19! They ship internationally.

GEO Super Angel Brown
DESIGN- I love the design on these because the outer black rim really does help enlarge the eye A LOT and the inner brown design makes my eyes look shiny and "watery", in return, making my eyes appear brighter and larger!

WATER CONTENT & COMFORT- These were very comfortable on me (as a frequent contact lens wearer).. they feel exactly like my monthly disposable prescription contact lenses. If you're not a contact lens wearer then it would definitely feel weird (so will all other contact lenses!) when you first wear it. Because of my dry eyes though, even with the 38% water content, I had to blink quite a lot in order to not dry out my eyes (after 3-4 hours of wear, which you should soon take them out! Never, EVER wear circle lenses the entire day!)

GEO Super Angel Brown
DIAMETER & ENLARGEMENT- At 14.8mm, they are definitely not the lenses with the widest diameter BUT the enlarging effect is awesome! 

PRICE- At the price of $19 at YourBeautyMagic, it's definitely the cheapest GEO lenses that I've come across (that's not saying much because I don't look around for lenses THAT much). It won't break the bank because these are yearly disposable and come in vials. So basically, $19 for a year- it's a pretty good deal.

GEO Super Angel Brown Grading


YourBeautyMagic was awesome enough to sponsor a giveaway where ONE of you will win a pair of ANY lenses from YourBeautyMagic! The winner will also get a contact lens case AND A MYSTERY GIFT! What's better- this is open internationally so anyone can enter :)

The only things that you have to do is to "Like" Beauty Nerd By Night & Your Beauty Magic on Facebook.

Your Beauty Magic:

Thanks for reading, xoxo 

Products are sent for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. WOW they make your eyes look so big! They look good on you but I doubt I need them lol

    1. They really do! There are some more natural looking ones without the black rim :)

  2. i'd like to see more reviews and tutorial pleaseeee

  3. love to see more product reviews and hauls.

  4. and im looking forward to see your blogposts about your daily outfit!

  5. They look amazing! They make your eyes look so big and of like a Disney princess, haha. My favorite are tutorials, though.

  6. Beauty tutorial perhaps? thanks for the giveaway!


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