The Alphabet Challenge #9: Indie Polishes Wishlist

Hey girls! It’s time for another Alphabet Challenge and it is our NINTH week, woohoo! I truly apologise as I missed last week’s challenge, “H”. This week’s letter is “I” and to be honest, I was very uninspired- I didn’t know what to post about… until I came across the beautiful polishes from an indie nail polish brand and I thought, why not do a whole list of Indie Brands and the ONE PRODUCT from them that I would really love to try? It could be my little wishlist too *hint* :p

From Delush Polish, I would definitely love to try:
Honey Pie, Sugar Bunch
Delush Polish describes Honey Pie, Sugar Bunch as “Beautiful pops of pink, baby blue, subtle plums balanced with white glitters swimming in a delushously creamy pink blend! (Warning: it may cause you to want to lick your nails because it looks that yummy!)”

If you guys have been following me for some time now, you know  that I am absolutely obsessed with the combination of pastel pink and baby blue- so this is definitely up my street! I. NEED. THIS!

From Jindie Nails, I would love to try:
Betty’s Fetti Milkshake

(Picture credit- Will Paint Nails for Food)
Jindie Nails describes Betty’s Fetti Milkshake as “It has a white crelly base with all fine and ultra-fine micro-matte hex in opaque pastels and opaque & transparent neon hex.”

I have been looking for a nail polish like this for ages! I LOVE how yummy it looks- exactly like a milkshake! It’s absolutely gorgeous.. my life would be complete LOL.

From piCture pOlish, I would love to try:

This.. is awesome! It is the shade Blogger from piCture pOlish. It is jam packed with glitters colours of the rainbow (and more)! It looks absolutely stunning and will just glam up any look! This would probably be a pain in the butt to remove though :/

From Glam Polish, I would love to try:
Blibber Blubber

(Picture credit- @nailingaround)

Glam Polish describes Blibber Blubber as “a mix of neon hot pink & neon green shapes with neon blue, watermelon, peach, and yellow hexes and neon hot pink and neon blue micro glitter in a white base.”

I love the look of neon glitters in a white base. It gives a beautiful pop of colour, it’s fun and looks super cute. I love how the neon shapes show through the white. So fun!
Those are some of the Indie Polishes that I would love to try! 
Have you tried any of these? What’s your favourite Indie Nail Polish Brand?

Thanks for reading, xoxo