EMPTIES #1: Products I’ve Used Up

Hey guys! Today’s post is on products that I used up and it’s kinda weird that throughout the one year plus that I’ve been blogging, I’ve never done an empties post before.. because I really love reading and watching empties posts and videos. I guess I’m here to do my very first empties post!
By the way, I made a new YouTube channel that goes along with my blog and I filmed an empties video too 🙂 Bascially, when I do a blog post that I think would be useful in video form, I’ll do both and vice versa. Let me know what you guys think of the idea 🙂 I know I have an annoying voice, I get annoyed by it too sometimes lol but, please subscribe, it’ll make my day!
If you prefer watching the video, check the end of the post 🙂
Products & mini reviews after the jump!

1) Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (Review + Demo post here)- This is my favourite gentle face scrub. It is rice-based and really helps gently exfoliate the dry skin on my face and makes my face feel so smooth! The only downside to this is probably it’s price because it is a really pricey product, as with all Dermalogica products.
2) Wild Ferns New Zealand Kiwifruit Light ‘N’ Luscious Body Wash (Review post here)I really enjoyed this body wash! It is a gel consistency with kiwi seeds suspended in it. The kiwi seeds gently exfoliates the skin to remove the dry patches on my elbows. This also smells really fresh and makes me feel refreshed after a shower!
3) Murad Energising Pomegranate Cleanser- This is a cleanser that pumps out as a foam. I typically do not like foam cleansers as they tend to be drying, but I really liked this one. I have combination skin and my cheeks are super dry! This didn’t dry out my skin and moisturised it without making my skin oily. I definitely recommend this if you have combination skin and you’re looking for a great cleanser.
4) Garnier BB Cream x2- Hands down, my favourite BB Cream that I’ve ever tried! It’s lightweight and it covers what I need it to, LOL. This is great for evening out redness and discolouration on the face. The only thing is that here in Malaysia, there’s only one shade available and it’s slightly too light for me.
5) Clinelle Hydra Firm Night Cream x2- This is my favourite night cream. I used up 2, and already have a new one open in my bathroom. It feels creamy but doesn’t feel greasy, sticky or heavy on the face. This night cream keeps my dry patches at bay and really helps protect the skin from the harsh air-conditioning at night.
6) Garnier Whiten & Even Brightening Cream SPF17- Eh, this I didn’t enjoy at all. It is a white cream that leaves a white cast on the face. Because of the white cast, it turns my face grey-ish so I can’t wear this when I feel like going out without any face makeup on because I do not want to have a grey face. The formula is also super thick and creamy which I don’t like.. especially in the daytime. It turns me into a grease ball after an hour.
That’s all for my empties post for you today! What did you just use up that you love?