Secret to Rosy Skin ft. My Best Friend: Ms Rosy!

*L’Oreal contest entry

I’m sure fair, bright and rosy skin is what all girls (especially us Asian girls!) dream of having. Two weekends ago, L’Oreal Malaysia introduced me to a beautiful girl with just that: fair and bright skin with a touch of rosiness that had me full with envy. Little did I know, this girl was going to become my best friend!
She’s the sweetest girl that has no problem sharing her secrets to beautiful skin with the world (she’s literally touring the entire Malaysia sharing her tips to beautiful skin right now)! 

I mean, if you were to ask a sarcastic friend like me on how to get rosy skin, I would give you two tips:
1) Pinch your face until it becomes pink
2. Come, let me slap you and make you pink.
What a bad friend I am! Hehe. My best friend is different though: she will tell you how to get perfect skin in a painless way, LOL. She will also not threaten to slap you 🙂 
She is a one-in-a-million: beautiful, sweet, kind person and wants to help others become beautiful too! Who is this best friend of mine?? She is non other than: *drumroll please* Ms Rosy!
Before letting you in on her tips to perfect skin, you have to get to know her first! Ms Rosy has more in common with us than you might think!
Her favourite things: Cellphone, lipstick, pink heels and holy grail skincare products.
I don’t know about you, but those are my favourite things too!
Oh and have I told you? Ms Rosy is super tech-savvy! She is almost always on her social media websites. You can ask her anything in the chatbox on her Facebook page and she will reply to you straight away. She’s like, on her Facebook 24/7 so she can help you in case you have any questions. Isn’t she like the best friend?
On Instagram, use the hashtag #rosyfairness to share your pictures with Ms Rosy!
What’s the most important thing to us girls? Family and friends! For Ms Rosy, it’s no different. 🙂 She loves her family and loves spending time with them. She also has 2 best friends and if we become official BFFs, she’ll have 3, hehe.
Are you ready to see how simple it is to achieve beautiful, rosy skin? Okay, my lovely readers.. I will now leave you in the very capable hands of Ms Rosy to let you in on her secret!
Okay.. back to me, haha! Do you see how easy it is to achieve skin that perfect?! 
So you see that skincare is an important part of Ms Rosy’s day and night to keep her skin looking rosily healthy! But.. what are the exact products that Ms Rosy uses? Why, It’s the L’Oreal White Perfect range, of course!

This line of skincare products contain Melanin Vanish and Pink Tourmaline Gemstone. Melanin Vanish is only found in this range of products by L’Oreal and cannot be seen anywhere else. One drop of Melanin Vanish is, get this.. 50 times more effective than MelaninBlock (found in previous line of White Perfect products). Melanin Vanish will effectively remove UV spots, brighten up dullness and also even out uneven skintone. What’s the result of this? Rosy Fairness, that is!

The L’Oreal White Perfect Double Essence, Day Cream SPF 17/PA++, and Night Cream are the key products for Ms Rosy to achieve flawless, bright skin. 
What are all the products in this range of skincare by L’Oreal?
1. L’Oreal White Perfect Milky Foam (RM21.90 for 100ml)
The start of the journey to beautiful skin is of course, cleansed skin! This milky foam will remove excess makeup left on the face, dirt and impurities. The milky texture of this cleanser will also help to moisturise your skin to remove dry, flaky skin and in return, give you brighter skin! This milky foam is enhanced with Melanin Vanish and Pink Tourmaline Gemstone that will help keep melanin composition at bay.
2. L’Oreal White Perfect Toner (RM22.90 for 200ml) 
After cleansing the skin, using this toner will help to further remove any left over impurities for squeaky (not literally) clean skin! This toner is super cooling on the skin and feels very refreshing when applied. Not only that, it also further hydrates the skin to enable better absorption.
3) L’Oreal White Perfect Double Essence (RM59.90 for 2x15ml) 
This double essence is the center of attention! With it’s super innovative 2-way pump, you only need one pump to be on your way to rosy fairness. With the two powerful ingredients, Melanin Vanish and Pink Tourmaline Gemstone, I bid bye-bye to my dull and uneven skin! Your skin will thank you for the smoother, brighter, softer, moisturised and even skin after regular use.
4. L’Oreal White Perfect Day Cream SPF17/PA++ (RM33.90 for 50ml)
I told Ms Rosy I wanted a day cream with SPF that will help make my skin more radiant in the long run, BUT I didn’t want one that leaves a white cast on my face. This is her solution! With SPF 17 and UV filters, your face will be free from UV-induced dark spots, making your face more radiant and fairer. Again, with the powerful Melanin Vanish, it will lighten and eventually eliminate the darkness on your face. Apart from all that, it will protect you from the sun and also hydrate your skin.
5. L’Oreal White Perfect Night Cream (RM36.90 for 50ml) 
And lastly, of course, you’ll need something to work on your skin while you’re catching your beauty sleep. The time you’re sleeping is actually the time where the body (skin inclusive) repairs itself. So put this night cream on before you catch some Z’s to help rejuvenate your skin throughout the night. You will wake up feeling fresh and hydrated, and will look fairer and rosier!
Now we all know Ms Rosy’s secret! Lets all work on our daily and skincare regimes to achieve our ultimate goal: fair, bright and rosy skin! Maybe then we can be as beautiful and as happy as Ms Rosy. I mean, how can you not be happy when you’re glowing with healthy skin?
Thanks for reading and lets get beautiful! xoxo
*products were given during tea party event