L’Oreal Ms Rosy Tea Party!

Cameras constantly flashing, girls giggling, fabulous food- where can you find all these things? At a Butterfly Project event of course! 😉

I was invited to attend a tea party organised by L’Oreal Malaysia and The Butterfly Project, so thank you so much! A well-known and loved brand-L’Oreal, an amazing beauty blogging community-The Butterfly Project, and Angelic Tea House? Girls who share the same love for beauty products mingling and getting their makeovers done? Doesn’t that sound lovely!

I stepped out of the car and was greeted by this beautiful face (who now seems too familiar, haha!). There was even an Eiffel Tower! I might not be able to go to Paris anytime soon, but this will do!
I was honestly taken aback by the whole decor of the place. It looks so vintage and so girly but yet exudes so much elegance. I love the wallpaper and I love the super vintage-looking flower chandelier- beautiful! This is definitely a place I find myself enjoying tea time in.
A few tables filled with makeup and hair products stood, inviting all of us to play with the makeup. There were also stylists and makeup artists who were ready to give us makeovers! I found a few products that I would definitely love to try- the blush, quad in Inifiniment Bronze and the lip gloss in Bella.
Can you tell that this quad is right up my alley? Beautiful bronze-y shades! 
Well essentially, what you do at a tea house is eat, right? So I guess it all boils down to the food. Angelic Tea House is actually Vegetarian! The food was delicious! I especially loved the Scones!
We were introduced to Ms Rosy and uncovered her secret to beautiful skin, which you can read here. We were then introduced to an improved line of skincare products from L’Oreal- the White Perfect range that now has Pink Tourmaline and Melanin Vanish in it, which you can read about here.
There was a crafting corner, which we all got to make our own headbands! And then there was also an artist who was supposed to draw all of us. I was honestly very disappointed because we were all waiting in line, I think about 6 of us for more than 30 minutes, only to be told that he was done and he wasn’t drawing anymore. I mean, okay, your time might be up as you get paid for the hour, but at least tell the ones in line so we didn’t have to wait that long for nothing?
That was my experience at the Tea Party hosted my L’Oreal and The Butterfly Project at Angelic Tea House. It was an awesome day (apart from the drawings) and we all had so much fun!
Thank you once again to L’Oreal Malaysia and The Butterfly Project for hosting the event.
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Thank you for reading, xoxo
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