Back to Basics: Makeup Brushes (Starter Kit)

Makeup Brushes Starter Kit
Hey guys! I’m starting a “Back to Basics: Starter Kit” series. Today I’m doing one on Makeup Brushes. My next post on this series is a starter kit of Makeup Products, so definitely stay tuned for that. As for now, brushes!
When I first started wearing makeup, I just used my fingers and q-tips to apply my makeup because I felt that makeup brushes were kind of unnecessary at the time. And then of course, after a few months of influence from beauty gurus on YouTube, I decided I needed brushes.. Which did I pick? ..the cheapest set I could find on eBay (with free shipping, mind you! hahaha). Of course, those didn’t work out- they were scratchy, the bristles were sparse and it was just horrible.

6 Essential Makeup Brushes

I’ve been wearing makeup for about 2 years now and have gathered a decent amount of brushes for every day use. I thought I would do this post and hopefully be able to help those of you who are just starting off in makeup and want to get some brushes that are amazing quality but super affordable. 
I picked out 6 brushes (3 for the face, and 3 for the eyes) and that is literally all you need to do a full face makeup. I tried to pick brushes that were versatile and can be used for different steps.
*I’m looking for new backgrounds to take product photos with, so in the mean time, enjoy my red table and a candle, lol!
Paddle Brush for Foundation and Concealer
Paddle Brush for Foundation and Concealer
My Favourite: Ecotools Bamboo Foundation Brush (Walgreens- $5.99)
A flat paddle brush applies foundation more evenly when compared to a makeup sponge or your fingers. With a paddle brush, because it is flat, you can get the parts of your face that are difficult to reach with your fingers (like the sides of your nose, etc). A paddle brush can also be used to apply concealer under your eyes and on your blemishes.
Flat Top Brush for Powder and Foundation
Flat Top Brush for Powder and Foundation
My Favourite: ELF Powder Brush ( $3)
You’ll need a brush to apply your powder. I like a flat top brush because it really buffs the product into your face. If you want to get the most coverage that you can from your product, choose one that is dense (has a lot of bristles), but if you just want a light dust of powder over your face, choose one that has less bristles. A flat top brush can also be used to buff in your foundation for a flawless finish.
Tapered Brush for Highlighter, Blush and Bronzer
Tapered Brush for Highlighter, Blush and Bronzer
Tapered Brush for Highlighter, Blush and Bronzer
My Favourite: ELF Blush Brush ( $3)
A tapered brush (the bristles taper to a point) is a great multitasking brush because you can use it for your highlighter, blush and bronzer. Use one side of the brush to apply your highlighter, the other side to apply your blush and the tapered point to apply your bronzer. The tapered point of the brush will sweep the product on your face and also blend out the sides of your bronzer for a natural, blended finish.
Eye Shading Brush for Eyeshadow
Eye Shading Brush for Eyeshadow
My Favourite: ELF Eyeshadow “C” Brush ( $3)
Applying colour all over the lid using a shading brush with a patting motion will pack on the eyeshadow and give maximum pigmentation. When choosing an eyeshadow shading brush, choose one that is very dense because a brush with sparse bristles will pick up almost no product. Sweeping the eyeshadow will give you a light dust on the eyelid while patting will give you the most colour payoff.
Fluffy Eye Brush for Blending Eyeshadow
Fluffy Eye Brush for Blending Eyeshadow
My fluffy blending brush is actually the brush that came in my Naked 2 palette, sorry haha. I haven’t found a fluffy blending brush that is affordable. There is one from BHCosmetics, but I’ve never tried it.
Using a fluffy brush to blend out your crease colour will give you a seamless, blended eye makeup look. Nothing much to say about this one except: harsh lines on the edge of your eye look is a no-no, except when you’re doing a cut crease! 
6) ANGLED LINER BRUSH *optional*
Angled Liner Brush for Eyeliner
Angled Liner Brush for Eyeliner
My Favourite: BH Cosmetics Angled Definer Brush ( $3.95)
This is completely optional because you can usually apply eyeliner directly onto your eyes. An angled liner brush can be used to apply gel liner. Don’t have purple eyeliner? No worries! An angled liner brush can also be used to apply ANY coloured eyeshadow as your eyeliner. Just wet your brush, get the eyeshadow on your brush and line your eyes! 
Those are the only 6 brushes (in my opinion!) that you’ll need to do your whole face makeup. If you want to buy your brushes as a set from the same place, I recommend getting the ELF Studio 11 Piece Brush Set ($30) (no, elf did not pay me or sponsor me anything to feature this, haha). The elf Studio brushes have amazing quality and are super soft.
What are your must-have brushes?
Thanks for reading, xoxo
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