Vanity Trove: My First Customised Box!

Hey guys! Today, I have a Vanity Trove box review for you 🙂 If you don’t know what Vanity Trove is, it is a beauty box subscription (with a twist!) service in Malaysia and Singapore that delivers 6-8 beauty treats to your doorstep.
If you remember, I published a blog post on some exciting news regarding Vanity Trove: they announced that we could customise our own boxes and get our customised troves within a week! That was the best news to me, because I really hate color shampoo and sachet (anyone feel me? haha) samples. So naturally, I opted out on the shampoos and sachets.
I was, of course, very satisfied with my customised trove because, well.. I chose all the samples. I placed my order on the 3rd of September and got my trove on the following Saturday, 7th of September.
Vanity Trove beauty box

Vanity Trove Beauty Box - Top View
(yes, that’s how I take pictures with the polka dot background. lol!)
As I’ve said in almost all my previous Vanity Trove box review posts, I LOVE the box. It’s a drawer-like box that pulls out and I use my boxes as extra storage for the nail stuff and samples. 
How I Recycle My Vanity Trove Beauty Boxes
Extra Storage!
How I Recycle my Vanity Trove Beauty Boxes
From top to bottom: Base & Top Coats, My Most Used Nail Polishes, Nail Art Supplies, Samples.
Products I got in my Vanity Trove Beauty Box
My Customised Products (Left to Right): Bifesta Makeup Remover, Lierac Initiatic, Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil, Talika Lipocils, Lunasol Skin Fusing Powder Foundation and also ORIKS Twister Essence (not photographed here).

1) Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover (RM26.90 for 145ml)
Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover- 30mls
How to use Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover
Before & After Using Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover
This is a travel sized bottle that has 30ml in it. It is an oil-based makeup remover that removes everything. My Revlon Lash Potion (Waterproof) is an absolute pain to remove and this is the only thing that can remove it. Just soak a cotton pad with this remover, place it on the eyes for a few seconds and swipe! This is quite gentle on the eyes, but it’s super uncomfortable if you get some in your eyes- it blurs out your vision. If you wear contacts, take them out beforehand!
2) Lierac Initiatic Fluid (RM200 for 40ml)
Lierac Initiatic Fluid
Lierac Initiatic Fluid Face Moisturiser Texture
Before and After Using Lierac Initiatic Fluid
This is a miniature 10ml sample. This product is supposed to moisturise, mattify and protect your face. I don’t know about moisturising or protecting, but I do know that this DID NOT mattify my face. You can’t see much of a difference in my picture above. I didn’t find myself enjoying this product as much as I would like to: it felt greasy and heavy, and it definitely gave me some unwanted shine. :/ This also, for some reason, smells like a new sofa… I would skip out on this.
3) Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil (RM88 for 50ml)
Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi Purpose Dry Oil - Face, Body, Hair
I got a 10ml sample of this product, which is actually a pretty decent size. The first time I used it, I used it all over my hair; even massaging it into my scalp and I found that it made my hair look a little bit oily. I decided to try it again, but only on the tips of my hair and I ended up really liking it. It makes my hair look healthy and shiny, moisturised and smell really nice! It also works really well on moisturising dry or cracked elbows. I love this product but I don’t think I would use it on my face though.

4) Talika Lipocils Expert (RM185 for 10ml)

Talika Lipocils Eyelash Enhancer Serum
This is a 2ml miniature. It is an eyelash enhancer that boasts +36% growth, +50% curl, and +50% strength after 28 days use, which sounds amazing for someone with super short and sparse lashes like me. I used the whole tube, and essentially wanted to include before and after pics, but I lost the before pics. Sorrrryy 🙁 I really did like this though, it really did work. After about two weeks, I found that it lengthened my lashes quite a bit actually. My mum also noticed it when I was applying mascara in the car. I don’t think it curled my lashes though- they’re still stubbornly stick straight -_-

5) Lunasol Skin Fusing Powder Foundation (RM140 for 10.5g)

Lunasol Skin Fusing Powder Foundation
Before & After Using Lunasol Skin Fusing Powder Foundation
This is a 0.6g sample. This is a repeat as I got this in a previous Vanity Trove before, but I really, really liked it so I decided to choose this again. As you can see in the picture above, it brightened up my face so much and also covered a lot of the imperfections on my face. I used to hate powder foundations as I feel they look super cakey, but this one doesn’t.. at all! It gives a flawless finish and face feels smooth to the touch.
6) ORIKS Twister Essence (RM218 for 35ml)
ORIKS Twister Essence
This was an old picture, from a previous Vanity Trove box because I gave this sample to my mum before I took pictures. This tube is a 5ml tube. This is another repeat because my mum really, really liked this. This helps restore pores, nourish the skin and protects against environmental pollution. My mum did say that she loves how this feels on the skin and also feels like it does protect the skin.
Final Verdict: I absolutely love this box because I got to customise it and there were no sachet samples, woohoo! Most of the things I chose worked really well for me and I think I even found my holy grail hair product (Nuxe Dry Oil) from this. This box definitely exceeded the box price of RM50. I am in love with this box!
Total Value of my Box: 
Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover: RM26.90 ÷ 145ml x 30ml = RM5.60
Lierac Initiatic Fluid: RM200 ÷ 40ml x 10ml = RM50
Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil: RM88 ÷ 50ml x 10ml = RM17.60
Talika Lipocils Expert: RM185 ÷ 10ml x 2ml = RM37
Lunasol Powder Foundation: RM140 ÷ 10.5g x 0.6g = RM8
ORIKS Twister Essence: RM218 ÷ 35ml x 5ml = RM31.14
TOTAL: RM149.34

Sign up for your box today @ RM50! VT just added some more samples.

Thanks for reading, xoxo
I got to choose this box free for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own.