Holiday Hairstyles with Paul’s Hair World

The holidays are almost here! Holiday looks are all really glam and beautiful. I will be posting a holiday makeup tutorial, and also a Christmas manicure in my future posts. Today’s post is on hairstyles you could wear for Christmas and to holiday parties.

Have you ever been in the situation, where you’re googling “Holiday Hairstyles” and you see this beautiful hairstyle but you don’t have enough hair/texture to do it? I know that has happened to me a million times! If it has happened to you too, hair extensions or wigs are probably your best bet.
Paul’s Hair World is a platform where you could find and buy any and every wig that you require to do a certain hairstyle. This holiday season, they also offer fun party wigs for the festive season.
1. Glam Holiday Curls
Image from Paul’s Hair World.
To achieve voluminous and glamorous curls- the classic holiday hairstyle:
1) Remember to wash your hair to get rid of oil and dirt. Try not to use a weighty shampoo, and skip conditioner if possible. Using conditioner or not washing your hair will weigh down your curls and make your curls fall back to being stick straight easily!
2) Curl your hair in sections (small if you want tight curls, and bigger sections if you want loose curls) and make tighter curls on the bottom layers of your hair, and looser ones on the top layers.
3) Spray on your hairspray and tease a few sections of the top layers of your hair. *If you do not want to tease your hair, use a texturising spray before your hairspray.
2. Top Knot/Sock Bun with Bangs and Headband
Carly Rae Jepsen, Image from Google Images.
For this hairstyle, you will need a, well, fringe. A sock bun is one of my favourite hairstyles ever- it can look casual, polished and super cute! 
To achieve this hairstyle:
1) Section out your bangs and side hair to frame your face
2) Pull the rest of your hair into a high ponytail
3) Use a hair donut, or a sock bun* and roll your hair in it.
4) Secure with an elastic band, and pin any pieces with bobby pins.
5) Add an accessory! In this case, you could put on a reindeer headband!
*Cut the closed end of a sock, loop your hair through the holes of the socks and roll down.
3. Dip Dye!
Image from Google Images.
The holiday seasons are fun! What hairstyle is more fun than having a rainbow in your hair?! Chalk or dip dye your hair for a beautiful hairstyle! To make it festive, use Christmas colours like reds and greens.
4. Feather Extensions
Selena Gomez, Image from Google Images.
Feather extensions can make your hair pop instantly! 
6. Braided Headband
Image from Google Images.
Braiding your hair into a headband with some curly waves can instantly make you look fresh and awake! Pair it with a red lipstick, and you’re holiday-ready!
To achieve this hairstyle:
1) Section out a piece of hair and combine it with your bangs.
2) Braid it as you would normally and lay it on top of your head to the other side.
3) Clip the end into the bottom layer of your hair using a bobby pin.
7. If all else fails, put on a Santa Hat!
VIOLA! Instant Christmas-ready hair! I’m pretty sure nothing can get more festive than a Santa hat, :p.
Apart from offering a wide range of wigs and hair pieces, Paul’s Hair World also offers a ton of beauty products. 
If you haven’t seen my post on “Holiday Gift Guide: FOR HER”, click here to read it! Remember to check back or follow for a Christmas makeup tutorial and manicure that’s coming to you very, very soon!
Thanks for reading, xoxo

What hairstyle are you going to rock on Christmas Day?

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