Countdown to Christmas with Aster Spring!

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas~ just like the ones I used to know I never known.

Haha, okay. I’m sorry for starting off this post like that but I just had to. :p I’m pretty sure that all of us want to experience a white Christmas at least once in our lives; I just haven’t got the chance to do that yet (apart from fake snow at Snow World, LOL).
Christmas is less than two months away from us now, how exciting! Aster Spring decided to treat us to a super early Christmas and also gave us a super early and exciting gift (I will be dropping not-so-subtle hints throughout this post and at the end, I’ll show you what it is!)

I honestly wish I could put up and decorate a Christmas tree with my family, but all we have is the tiny one we reuse every Christmas. This tree, is very special though! There were some makeup and some skincare products used as ornaments. The boxes you see beside the Christmas tree may or may not be gifts *hint*!
Our host for the day is Ms Gabrielle Sim (first picture) and Ms Susan Lim, Senior General Manager of Aster Spring (second picture) gave a little speech.
Guess who’s Aster Spring’s Santa? 
Ta-daaa! If you don’t know this handsome face, it’s Ben Jern- a DJ from Fly FM (a local radio station). He was really funny and he’s so stuffed that he even said that if he sat down, something might fall out (nothing did). LOL! Then as you can see, he read us a story on how they created advent calendars *hint*.
The event concluded with them giving us our gifts and photo sessions! *Note what they have in hand*
So.. what is this mysterious gift? 
 This event was held, featuring their very new, and very exciting.. “Countdown to Christmas Beauty Advent Calendar”, which is the first and only beauty advent calendar in Malaysia! In your advent calendar, you will find 24 goodies from brands that Aster Spring offers and also some special vouchers for treatments. The “ornaments” that I’ve mentioned earlier may or may not be the goodies you’ll receive in your advent calendar 😉
The goodies include products from Dermalogica, Aster Spring, Averine and more!
Basically, you open one of the numbered compartments each day starting from the 1st of Dec. This means that you’ll get a surprise every day- Countdown to Christmas will be so much more fun!
But how in the world would you get this awesome gift? 
Valid from 1st Nov ’13 to 31 Dec ’13
Purchases above RM2,800 (including treatments and products) will entitle you to a complimentary beauty advent calendar (worth RM1,155). 
Get this beauty advent calendar (worth RM1,155) @ RM188 with purchases above RM1,800.
If you would like to see what is in this Advent Calendar, follow my Instagram @itsmejiawun as I will be opening one compartment each day starting from the 1st of Dec with the hashtag #C2CAsterSpring and #AsterSpring.
Aster Spring-
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Thank you for reading!