LUSH Tea Tree Toner

You guys probably know I’m pretty much addicted to LUSH Bath Products. But I’ve honestly never tried or even been interested in LUSH skincare products before this. As you may know from my Floating Island Bath Melt review, LUSH Singapore sent me a few things to try out and the Tea Tree Water Toner was one of them.
To be completely honest with you, I was very skeptical when I saw this, and even more skeptical when I first started using this. This is not going to be a full-on review; just my personal experience with this product.

Thanks Micky! 8)
I always break out near “that time” of the month and I’ve never wanted to try and solve that because my excuse was always, “It’s hormonal! It’ll pass!”. But those breakouts usually leave me with a few scars because my itchy hands just won’t stop picking (gross, i know!). 
I finally realised that I needed to do something about it and tried this. Spray bottle, how cool. Comes out as a spritz instead of a spray, not cool. So I spritz the product onto a cotton pad and apply it to my face. Feels really cooling and smells like tea tree oil. 
At first, my breakouts got worse around my chin area but I decided to give it a few more tries before deciding if it’s breaking me out. Days went by, I started noticing that my old breakouts were clearing up really fast but new breakouts were popping out (even after “that time”). I thought, if it was clearing my old breakouts really fast, it’s probably doing something right- so I kept using it as my night time toner until last night, when I noticed I was almost running out of this! So being typical me, I analysed my face. Being perfect timing, it is “that time” again -_- and I found that there are definitely still some small breakouts but I didn’t break out quite as much- especially on my chin and forehead area. 
I think this is the type of product that heals the outer layers and then brings forth the acne from the layers beneath the skin out to heal it even more (confusing much? haha!). 
This product definitely does work, but the results aren’t immediate. However, what is really clear to me, is that I don’t get those really huge, red, pulsating(ew!) zits near that time as often anymore.
(4 out of 5)
I have heard about other LUSH products that target acne, so I’m definitely interested to check those out. I also really want to try out their face masks, ’cause I’ve heard a ton of great reviews about them!
Lush Singapore:
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What are your favourite LUSH Skincare products?