Laura Mercier Spring Renaissance Event

 Hey everyone! About a month ago, I was invited to Laura Mercier’s Spring Renaissance event. This event was held to celebrate the launch of their new boutique in Empire Shopping Centre. Laura Mercier is all about enhancing natural beauty with just a touch of makeup, and flawless yet natural skin.

To be completely honest, I have never tried any of Laura Mercier products but have really been wanting their Silk Creme Foundation because I’ve heard a ton of good things about that product. 

When I first walked into the Laura Mercier boutique in Empire Shopping Centre, I was in makeup heaven! What I didn’t know before going to this launch, was that Laura Mercier actually does skincare & body care products too. 

The event started with us, of course, snapping away with our cameras and there were finger food and orange (or was it mango?) juice served to us. The little touch of spring decor that they put up was also absolutely adorable! We each also got to take back a cupcake, and a goodie bag.
Then of course, the star of the event was definitely the makeover that the amazing Luis Soto did on the model. I don’t know if it’s just me, but the model reminds me a little bit of Emma Watson.. doesn’t she? Luis did a fresh, spring makeup look on the gorgeous model. He wanted to show us how to recreate an effortlessly natural look, which he made look really easy.. but.. yeah.

After the whole makeover, we got to ask Luis Soto some questions and of course.. I had to ask the one thing that drives me crazy when I’m doing my makeup.. “How do I get both my eye makeup to look the same when my eyelid folds are different?!” *asian problems* Haha.

Overall, it was a really fun event getting to meet Luis Soto, and learning awesome makeup techniques from him. Thank you so much to The Lilac Blogger team & Laura Mercier for the invites 🙂

Laura Mercier: