Cerro Qreen Makeup Brushes

Hey everyone! Today’s post is going to be really awesome for those who are looking to buy affordable and good quality makeup brushes. Awhile ago, I participated in a contest for the chance to win one of these brush sets to review for you guys.
These are the Cerro Qreen brushes, that you can get from Natta Cosme and I got the set in pink!

This set comes with 7 brushes (left to right): spoolie, small smudger brush, angled liner brush, eyeshadow brush #1, eyeshadow brush #2, eyeshadow brush #3, and a blush brush.
Because, well, it’s the pink set, all the handles are pink and the brush tips are a pink ombre. All the handles have the words “Cerro Qreen professional” written on them.
These brushes retail for RM36.90 on NattaCosme.com
This angled liner brush is probably my favourite out of all the brushes in this set. The problem I always have with angled liner brushes are that- either they’re not firm enough, or they’re firm but scratchy. This one is a nice middle ground: it’s firm but still really soft and doesn’t drag the skin when you’re applying makeup. I love this brush for gel eyeliner, because it applies it really smooth and precisely. Other uses for this brush include filling in your eyebrows with a brow powder, and lining your bottom lashline.

Eyebrow Spoolie- this is great, as it’s not too scratchy. This brush can be used to tame your eyebrows, and also to soften the look of your brows if you applied a brow product and it looks too harsh. You can also use this to separate your lashes if they’re clumped together after applying mascara. However, I use this to apply vaseline to my eyelashes at night to hydrate them just because I already have another spoolie that I use only for my eyebrows.

I use the Small Smudge Brush to apply and smudge out eyeshadow on my lower lashline. I’ve been loving that look lately so I’ve used this a ton! I also use this to highlight my inner corners sometimes. Basically, this brush can be used when you want to apply a product to a small area.

There are actually 3 eyeshadow brushes in this set, but I forgot to take a picture of the smallest one. Honestly, I have no idea why they include 3 eyeshadow brushes: maybe they’re all used for different things? They all just look like eyeshadow shading brushes to me, haha. The quality of these brushes, however, are really nice. They’re very soft and packs on colour really nicely.
I had high hopes for this blush.. I don’t know why. I think it might be because it’s so pretty and I would want to use it every single day. This was a little disappointing though. To the touch, the bristles feel really soft but I just wish it was a little bit denser. I had troubles picking up product on this blush and found myself having to put on more and more.
Overall, these brushes will make a good first set of brushes if you’re just starting out in makeup, because it is really, really affordable and so pretty.
Natta Cosme:
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