theBalm Nude’tude Palette Review

Ask my boyfriend which product I’m always staring at when I go into a makeup shop and he’ll tell you, “every single thing they carry”.. Ask my boyfriend which product I’ve been lusting over for almost a year now and he will, for sure, answer, “theBalm’s Nude’tude Palette”.
I know..  you’ve probably read a review on this palette about a year (or two) ago- and I’m only doing one now because I just got it. My sister bought one for herself, and one as a gift for me (thank you!) because it was on sale on Hautelook a few months ago (theBalm is almost always on Hautelook, if you’re interested).
Why have I always been lusting over this palette, but have never gotten it, you ask?: Sure, it has received so many rave reviews and is one of theBalm’s best-sellers, but it costs a whopping RM115 here and I wasn’t sure if it was necessary to have another neutral palette after the Naked 1 & Naked 2.

Retails: $36 on
This palette comes with 12 neutral eyeshadows:
Sassy- White frost
Snobby- Light, yellow gold shimmer
Stubborn- Neutral, light pink shimmer
Stand-offish- Pink champagne shimmer
Selfish- Dark bronze shimmer
Sultry- Medium brown matte
Sophisticated- Dark brown glitter
Seductive-  Copper bronze shimmer
Sexy- Purple plum matte
Silly- Dark plum brown glitter
Serious- Black matte
Sleek- Dark brown matte
It also comes with a shadow/liner brush:
I think that by wanting this for as long as I did, I had a very high expectation for this palette. The colours in this palette are beautiful and very versatile, BUT the pigmentation of some of the shades leave a lot to be desired. The pigmentation of the shimmery shades are impeccable, and the mattes are pretty good, but it’s the glitters I’m most bummed out by. Besides poor pigmentation, both Sophisticated and Silly (glitters) look quite similar, and cause a ton of fallout (which is understandable for a glitter eyeshadow). Serious (the matte black) has good pigmentation, but honestly.. once you use Urban Decay’s Blackout from the Naked 2 palette, you never go back.. haha!
The selection of colours in this palette are pretty good. The only thing is that I wish they had included a highlight shade (shimmer or matte, definitely not a frosty white!), but I like that there’s a matte black in there to smoke out your looks. I love Sultry (matte brown) as a best friend colour to blend out the crease, and I love Sexy (matte plum) for a pop of colour in the crease!
This palette is an awesome palette overall, but if I were to pick between this and my Naked palettes, I’d have to say the Naked palettes are better, in my personal opinion.
Thanks for reading, xoxo
Have you tried this palette? If so, what’d you think? If not, would you get it?