[Adv] Frankly Chat: more than just messaging.

Frankly Chat. At first, I was just like, “Another messaging app? Do we really need any more of those?”. Then, I searched for it in the app store and the sample images caught my attention. 
Frankly Chat brings texting to a whole new level: it almost makes it a real conversation with some of the coolest features that it offers, including:
1. Customise your messages
Change the colour, size of your text depending on what you’re trying to say!

2. Tap to Decode the Message!
3. Messages Self-Destruct in 10 seconds
Any messages sent will be automatically deleted in 10 seconds after decoding. The white line below each message shows the amount of time left before it self-destructs.
4. …sent. Oh, shoot! UNSEND, UNSEND!
I don’t know if you have ever experienced that awkward “I think I love you” text moments with anyone, but thanks to the Frankly “Unsend” feature, it never happened.
5. Anonymous Group Conversations
Messages are sent without pictures or names, so you won’t know who said what. 
6. Screenshot Detector!
“Oh my God! Jolene is totally into Chris Williams!” *screenshots*
Messages self-destruct in 10 seconds? Pffft, I’ll just screenshot it then! 
Frankly alerts you if anyone screenshots the conversation so if anything gets out, you know who to look for! :p
What’s said in the convo, stays in the convo! 
7. Its.. FREE! Anytime, anywhere.
8. Add your friends easily: with their contact number, personalised PIN or email address.

Frankly Chat brings style and privacy back into texting. I’ve never had that much fun texting in my life.. ever! It was really nice chatting with other HCBN Bloggers who were also trying out this fun app. 
We really got to show off our personalities with the customisable text. No one will ever have proof of what we’ve said because it self-destructs in 10 seconds.. and no screenshots too. Now you can find out who you can, and cannot trust :p
Download Frankly Chat today, and lets start chatting!
Thanks for reading, xoxo
*This post is sponsored. All opinions are 100% my own.
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