3 Essential Makeup Brushes with Gerrard International

Hey everyone! I remember just starting off with makeup and thinking, “No, I don’t think I need brushes. My hand works fine for applying makeup.” But of course, after too many YouTube videos and too much frustration over not getting the perfect blended crease, I dived in and got myself a brush set and it changed my entire. makeup. life.
Since then, some of my friends have asked me what type of brushes they would need to start off. There are a ton of brushes out there for many uses, but this post will show you the essential brushes (and most are multipurpose) that you need to have in your collection (in my personal opinion). Please keep in mind that this post is not on a specific brand of brushes, but the type of brushes.
Foundation Brush
I can’t stress enough how important professional foundation brushes are, be it a flat top, paddle brush, etc. I started off using my fingers and the application was just patchy, and way too thick. Then, I used cosmetic sponges I found at my drugstore and the sponge pretty much soaked up all of my liquid foundation.

Mii Minerals Liquid Perfection Base BrushMii Minerals Miracle Base Brush
This brush will give you more control and you will be able to reach the hard-to-get areas because it has a tapered end.

I personally prefer these types of brushes because the flat top really buffs the foundation into your skin, leaving you with a flawless foundation application. You could also use this brush as a powder brush and it will, again, buff the powder in really nicely.
Blush Brush
I feel like blush brushes are also super important, to avoid that streak- yikes! Blush is supposed to look natural and like you’re “blushing from within” so a brush is definitely needed to give it that soft, blended, natural look.
Mii Minerals Powder Precision Finishing BrushMii Minerals Special Effects Finishing BRush
This is your basic brush for blushes, highlighters and bronzers. It could also be used to apply a powder to your face.

This flat top brush gives more control, and is more versatile. It can be used with both cream and powder blushes, highlighters, and bronzers.
Crease Brush
You can apply eyeshadow all over the lid with your fingers because it is a wide area, so I think a crease brush is more important. I used to use cotton buds in the crease – they were small enough to apply the colour in the crease, but they were a pain to use to blend shadows.
Mii Minerals Opening Eye BrushMii Minerals Opening Eye Brush
The shape of this brush will allow for perfect contouring in the crease and the tapered end will also really help blend out the colour effortlessly.
Those are the 3 types of brushes that I feel like you need to have in your collection, because they make such a difference in your makeup.
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Thanks for reading, xoxo
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