Kose Sekkisei Lotion Mask Review + Giveaway

I used to think that all sheet masks are well, sheet masks. Then I started using a lot of sheet masks and noticed that I really didn’t like some, either they were too wet, or they kept falling off, or they just didn’t do anything at all. Then, there were the ones that were amazing that showed instant results after using it.

I tried out this new whitening sheet mask from Kose, and it is their new SEKKISEI Lotion Mask. This mask comes in two forms: the pill (which you have to soak in the SEKKISEI Lotion), and the sheet mask (which is pre-soaked and packaged). The one I have is the sheet mask, but if you want to know more about the pill, and how to use it, check out Sarah from SmallnHot’s review.

The lotion is made from approximately 100 oriental plants that help to create fair, hydrated, translucent skin. This lotion balances out the skin’s moisture, leaving you with a fresh, moisturised face. The lotion also helps to keep rough spots at bay, prevent dullness, rids pimples that are caused by dryness, and soothes redness caused by sunburns.

The lotion melts into skin like snow, giving you hydrated and supple skin. It has a very fresh and cooling effect, especially after a long, hot day.
The main gentle oriental plant extracts are:
1) Coix Seed Extract – increases metabolism, whitens, moisturises and prevents roughness.
2) Angelica Extract – disinfects, whitens, and moisturises.
3) Melothria (White Lotus) Extract – crushes melanin production in return, whitening the skin.
How to Use:
1) Tired, dull, dry face.. check!
2) Unfold the mask and leave it on the face for 5-10 minutes.
3) Peel the mask off, tap the excess product into the skin and reveal brightened, soft, and hydrated skin!
4) Skin is instantly brightened and hydrated!
I love this lotion mask! The sheet mask is concentrated enough, but it isn’t too wet that it leaves a ton of product on your face afterwards. The lotion soaks in really fast and well, and gives an instant cooling effect when applied. When I removed the mask, I definitely felt that my skin was refreshed after a long day, and was feeling plump. I also love how it instantly whitens the skin and leaves me with radiant, bright skin!
Retail Price: 
SEKKISEI Lotion 200ml (RM170)
SEKKISEI Lotion 360ml (RM260)
Where to Buy: All KOSE Counters
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