Brand Spotlight: Benefit Cosmetics

Hey guys! Today’s post is another Brand Spotlight, this time on Benefit Cosmetics. Benefit is one of those brands that I have a ton of sample-sized products because they come out with so many sets. Unless I really love something, I usually don’t get the full-sized.
If you guys don’t know what my Brand Spotlight posts are about, they’re basically a post showing my products from a particular brand and showing you my favourite products from that brand.
My Benefit collection is made out of mostly stuff from their 2013 Advent Calendar, haha.

So I’ll start with my whole Benefit collection, and then move on to my favourite products from them!
1. Stay Don’t Stray – A good eyeshadow base. It makes your eyeshadow last longer and pop more.
2. BADgal Lash – This is my go-to mascara if I’m in the mood for natural-looking lashes!
3. BADgal Liner Waterproof – Great pencil eyeliner. Doesn’t smudge or fade.
4. Thanks a Latte! Eyeshadow – Pretty, shimmery, bronze colour.
POREfessional – Primer that erases pores and smoothens out the skin.
1. Fine One One – A really beautiful & practical blush. Read my review of the Benefit Fine One One here.
2. Girl Meets Pearl – A beautiful, shimmery gold highlight. Great for medium to dark skin.
3 & 6. Benetint – Rosy stain for the cheeks and lips.
4. Watts Up Highlighter – A great face highlighter for all skin tones.
5. High Beam – One of their best-selling products. I don’t like it on my medium skintone though. It looks really white.
7. Posietint – Beautiful peachy pink tint for cheeks and lips.
8. Ooh La Lift – Supposed to be an undereye brightener. I use it as a creamy highlighter for the cheekbones.
9. Sunbeam – Bronzey-gold highlight.
1. Hoola Bronzer – Another best-selling product. Great bronzer for all skintones.
2. CORALista – Beautiful coral blush.
3. Dandelion – Natural, peachy blush.
4. Sugarbomb – A very natural blush but doesn’t show up very well on my medium skintone.
Sugarbomb Lip Gloss – Shimmery pink lip gloss.
Dandelion Lip Gloss – Natural peach lip gloss.
CORALista – Orangey-pink lip gloss.
Ultra Plush Lip Gloss in A-Lister – Beautiful pink lip gloss.

My Favourite Products from Benefit:
CORALista – I love this for a natural blush! It has a coral tint and gives a nice warmth to my face.
Dandelion – A beautiful peachy blush that gives my face a really natural flush. This is a light blush, so it’ll work really well on light skintones too!
Hoola – One of my favourite bronzers ever. It’s the perfect medium shade of brown so it doesn’t look muddy or orange on the face. This is too light to be used as a contour on my skin, but I love it for that bronzey-warm glow.
Benetint – I love this cheek and lip tint! It gives a beautiful, natural, rosy glow to the cheeks. It does dry out the lips a little bit, but nothing a lip balm can’t solve!
Girl Meets Pearl – This is my favourite highlight of all time. It’s a golden highlighter so it’s great for medium to dark skintones, or for when you want a bronzey gold. It isn’t too shimmery, but has a pearl finish. It’s gorgeous!
A-Lister, CORALista, Dandelion Ultra Plush Lip Gloss – I used to hate these because of their scents. But after getting these in the Benefit Advent Calendar 2013, the smell kind of grew on me and these colours are gorgeous! I like using A-Lister and Dandelion on top of pink lipsticks just for that glossiness. I love using CORALista on top of pink lipsticks to turn it into a coral.
Benefit Porefessional – This is my favourite face primer. I’ve tried a ton of face primers from different brands, but I always go back to this one. It has a silicone-y feel to it, but dries to a beautiful velvety finish. It makes my face feel smooth, and eliminates the look of disgusting pores. It also helps keep my foundation from sliding off my face throughout the day.
So those are the things that I have & LOVE from Benefit! What are your favourite products from Benefit?

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