Etude House Peel Off Base Coat

Hey everyone! Today’s post is on the Etude House Peel Off Base Coat. If you’ve never heard of a peel off base coat, it’s pretty much what the name suggests – a base coat that you apply so that you can just peel off your manicure without removing it with nail polish remover. If you’re someone who changes your nail polish several times a week (or day, for swatchers), then this would be the post for you!
Etude House Peel Off Base Coat
I was browsing Etude House’s range of nail polishes because I just can’t seem to get enough of them and I came across a tag that said “Peel Off Base Coat” and I literally jumped. Before this, I’ve been using a DIY Peel Off Base Coat that I made (which I will do a post on sometime next week!) and it’s been working well, but you know, I just gotta have it LOL.

Etude House Peel Off Base Coat
With Base Coat
Swatch of Sinful Colors Nail Junkie
The base coat has a thicker consistency but still glides on the nail without being gloopy. This peel off base coat does take a lot longer to dry (approx. 5 minutes) compared to normal base coats. 
Once it’s dry to the touch, you can paint on your nail polish as you usually would. Peel Off Base Coats are great for glitter polishes (which are so beautiful but a pain to remove!).
Etude House Peel Off Base Coat
Etude House Peel Off Base Coat
Once you want to take off the polish, just use an orannge stick and push the polish off gently starting from an edge of the nail. Depending on what type of nail polish you used, and how many coats, the nail polish might peel off in pieces or as a whole piece. I feel like, glitter polishes peel off in one piece, while cremes peel off in a pieces.
Retail Price: ~RM12.90 at Etude House outletes
($0.20+$6.50 shipping here on Amazon)

I love this Peel Off Base Coat! It works so well, and it’s so cheap! This didn’t stain my nails, and it didn’t lift off easily but it might if you do a lot of work (especially opening new packaging, haha! and housework). When you remove it, it leaves very minimal polish at the sides of your nails that you can just get off with a swipe of remover! 
If you want to try a Peel Off Base Coat, this is the best way to start!
If you have some time (it only takes like 2 minutes) to make your own, make sure to check back next week for a “DIY: How to Make Your Own Peel Off Base Coat” post!

Have you tried a Peel Off Base Coat? What’s your favourite?

Thanks for reading, xoxo