YADAH Pure Green 3-Step Moisture Care

YADAH recently launched a new range of skincare products: Pure Green 3-Step Moisture Care. The Pure Green 3-Step Moisture Care consists of a toner, emulsion, and a moisturising cream. The Pure Green range will nourish the skin with nutrients from Royal Jelly – which helps skin regeneration and retains the moisture in your face – which in turn gives you moisturised, supple, plump skin. There are also a ton of antioxidants that will again, help to moisturise the skin to keep dry, flaky skin away.
♥ 4 Free: No Parabens, Mineral Oil, Sulphate Surfactant, Benzophenone.
♥ Hypoallergenic
♥ Gentle on Sensitive Skin
♥ Natural Ingredients

I used all these products every single day & night for almost a month.

Yadah Pure Green Toner (RM55 for 120ml) 
I pump about 3 pumps onto a cotton pad and use it over my entire face. It’s so refreshing, and it’s also really moisturising. It has a very refreshing scent, too – it’s not heavily scented or anything. It helps to remove any makeup/dirt residue from my face and also helps return the moisture that my cleansing foam removed, back into my skin. 
I put this in my air-conditioned room so it feels really nice and cooling when I put it on in the morning. It helps to wake my tired skin up. I love this toner so much, I’m already halfway down the bottle.
Yadah Pure Green Emulsion (RM55 for 120ml)
I use a couple of pumps for my entire face. This is a very lightweight emulsion that absorbs really well into the skin. To me, this helps putting back the moisture into my skin but not so much protecting the skin from harsh conditions (such as air-conditioning, etc) so I follow up with the Pure Green Moisturising Cream.
My skin loves this, especially in the morning. It’s like a gulp of water for my skin. I do use this in the morning because it is very lightweight and doesn’t leave too much of an oily residue. Again, in the morning it helps refresh my skin and makes me look more awake. 
Yadah Pure Green Moisturising Cream (RM65 for 50ml)
This is easily my favourite product from the entire range. It is a thicker moisturising cream that works so well during the night time. I use this on top of the emulsion to help moisturise my skin even more, and since this is a thicker cream, I can feel that it really does protect my skin by locking in the moisture even in an air-conditioned room. 
I only use this during the night time however, because it does leave a bit of an oily residue on my skin after applying it. I do wash my face in the morning when I wake up so it washes off to reveal super smooth and hydrated skin!
My skin has just been absolutely loving this entire range so much, and it has been clearing up quite a bit. I do have combination-oily skin and it works really well for me. It doesn’t make my face any oilier, just more moisturised. It also got rid of my dry patches on my cheeks.
All these products are available at SaSa outlets and retail for:
Pure Green Toner – RM55 for 120ml
Pure Green Emulsion – RM55 for 120ml
Pure Green Moisturising Cream – RM65 for 50ml
YADAH Malaysia:

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