Beauty Haul | September 2014

So.. I did some damage. To my wallet, of course.
Tebe Face Night Cream, Tebe Face Day Cream, Tebe Gentle Eye Cream
My mum and I walked in The Skintopic, which carry New Zealand organic products I believe and they were having amazing sales! I got all of these products for 70% off. Nothing beats an amazing deal! I tried on the testers in store on my hand and I just love how they felt. The Day Cream is very lightweight and absorbs into the skin really quickly. The Night Cream is a little bit more on the heavier side, but it doesn’t feel oily. The Eye Cream.. there’s something special about it! It absorbs into the skin really fast and it feels soothing. Those are first impressions, but I’ll keep you guys updated!
Maybelline the Falsies Big Eyes Mascara
I loved the original Maybelline Falsies mascara, and I’ve heard amazing things about this Big Eyes one ever since it launched in the US. I love the fact that it has two sides- one normal sized brush for the upper lashes, and one smaller brush for the bottom. Because I have really short and sparse lashes (dareisayasianproblemsoopsjustdid.), the smaller brush is amazing for my bottom lashes so the mascara doesn’t get everywhere.
I try to use a mask two to three times a week and I ran out of sheet masks so we went to SaSa to pick some out. SaSa Malaysia stores always have either 3 for RM10, or 4 for RM10; which is an amazing deal. I bought some of my favourite ones that I’ve already tried, like the Honey and Red Wine one (yums!), and I picked up some newer ones like the Pomegranate, and the Collagen ones.
Etude House Play Nails in #50
Smart me forgot to put this nail polish in the “mess” when I was taking pictures for this haul, but I took pictures of the nail polish alone for my next post so there’s that! This nail polish… looks freaking amazing! It’s so sparkly, and it’s just beautiful. This picture is to “whet your appetite”, so stay tuned for the Swatch Post of this nail polish which is going up in two days.
Etude House Help My Finger Finger Patches
Finger patches?! WHUT! Apparently this is a thing. It’s a mask for your fingernails, no kidding. I’ve tried their hand mask, LOVED IT, came across this “finger mask” and it’s made me very curious to see how well it’s going to work. It’s supposed to moisturise and brighten dull cuticles. Interesting..
Those were everything I bought! They make me happy and I’m signing off (do people still say that?). Okay, bye!
Thanks for reading, xoxo