G&G Dueba Barbie GBT Green | Colored Lens Review

Colored lenses. They can be your best friend, or your worst enemy. If it’s a pretty pair, it can make your eyes brighter, bigger and just overall beautiful. Or it can make you look like an alien (just saying). I know some people are against colored lenses (or circle lenses) because they alter your whole look, or they’re not healthy for your eyes – which is not true by the way, if you pick the right pair. I don’t wear colored lenses all the time, only on special occasions when I feel like my makeup look needs a little more oomph.
This pair I have on today is called G&G Dueba Barbie GBT Green. I was sent these for review purposes from Pinky Paradise, but all opinions are my own. They shipped my lenses immediately and I got it in two working days, which is pretty impressive! Pinky Paradise offers a big variety of different colors and brands (which are all authentic).
This G&G Dueba Barbie GBT Green is probably my favourite colored lens I’ve ever tried. Firstly, these are so beautiful! I’ve always loved green eyes and these are a medium green colour, it’s not excessively bright to the point where you have straight-up non-natural-looking green eyes but also bright enough that it can turn my naturally dark brown-almost black eyes into a beautiful, natural green. These gives my eyes a little bit of a “sparkle” and I love it!
These lenses are super comfortable and soft. It doesn’t feel like there’s this weird, hard lens in your eyes like I know some other colored lens can feel like. It honestly feels like my normal prescription lenses, if not better. It’s also not drying at all. These are yearly disposable, but I would recommend throwing them away after about 3 months or so, just for personal hygiene purposes.
Buy at Pinky Paradise ($19.90): 
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I personally love the look you can achieve with colored lenses, but before buying colored lenses, make sure to do research on the brand you want to get and make sure it’s from a trusted website that sells authentic lenses from those brands. I highly recommend Pinky Paradise based on my personal experience with fast shipping and fast-responding customer service.
Thanks for reading, xoxo

What do you guys think of colored lenses?
*Sent for review purposes. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.